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“Thanks a latte” gift card envelope {101 Days of Christmas}

"Thanks a Latte" Gift Card Envelope

I think Starbucks gift cards make the perfect gift for a coffee lover (assuming they’re a Starbucks fan!), but these gift card envelopes are perfect no matter which one is your favorite coffee shop.

Just print and cut along the outside line of each template. Use a hobby knife to cut along the short line on the bottom flap.

Place your gift card in the center of the envelope and fold the side flaps in first. Then, fold the bottom flap up. Lastly, fold the top flap down and tuck the tab inside the opening on the bottom flap.

Sign your name on the front and you’re set!

P.S. If you’re part of a business and are handing out a lot of cards as part of a marketing campaign, you may wish to have your gift card holders professionally printed.

Click here to download or print the “Thanks a latte!” gift card envelopes.

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