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The 2011 Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen Printable Cheat Sheet


The Dirty Dozen is a list published by the Environmental Working Group that prioritizes the fruits and veggies that you should buy organic because of their high levels of pesticide residue.

Even they stress the importance of eating lots of fruits and veggies — organic or not — but if you can only afford to buy some organic produce, you’ll want to start with the dirty dozen. To put your mind at ease, they’ve also published the Clean Fifteen, which lists produce that has low levels of pesticide residue so there’s no need to spend more on organically grown varieties.

Here is the 2011 list:

The Dirty Dozen

1. apples
2. celery
3. strawberries
4. peaches
5. spinach
6. nectarines
7. grapes
8. bell peppers
9. potatoes
10. blueberries
11. lettuce
12. kale

The Clean Fifteen

1. onions
2. sweet corn
3. pineapples
4. avocado
5. asparagus
6. sweet peas
7. mangoes
8. eggplant
9. cantaloupe
10. kiwi
11. cabbage
12. watermelon
13. sweet potatoes
14. grapefruit
15. mushrooms

I first published this cheat sheet last fall, and I’ve updated it to reflect the 2011 lists. I’d recommend printing it on cardstock if you have it available, and it actually prints four to a sheet, so feel free to share your extra copies with family and friends.

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