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The Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen Produce Cheat Sheet

dirty-dozenI’ll be honest that on the organic/crunchy spectrum, my family is really just at the beginning of this journey. In my head, I know that there are certain foods that are more important to buy organic because of the pesticides used in growing them and others that are okay to buy conventional, but I can never remember which is which!

So, with that somewhat selfish reason in mind, I created a little cheat sheet that you can carry with you — in your purse, coupon wallet or pocket!

I’d recommend printing it on cardstock if you have it available, and it actually prints four to a sheet, so feel free to share your extra copies with family and friends.

Click here to download or print the cheat sheet.

Here is the 2010 list:

The Dirty Dozen

1. celery
2. peaches
3. strawberries
4. apples
5. blueberries
6. nectarines
7. bell peppers
8. spinach
9. cherries
10. kale
11. potatoes
12. grapes

The Clean Fifteen

1. onions
2. avocados
3. frozen corn
4. pineapples
5. mangoes
6. frozen peas
7. asparagus
8. kiwi
9. cabbage
10. eggplant
11. cantaloupes
12. watermelons
13. grapefruit
14. sweet potatoes
15. honedew melon

Do any of the items on either list surprise you?