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The Importance of Focus for Achieving Your Goals

source: Nina Matthews

Are you focused on your goal?

We’ve talked before about the dangers of multitasking and the importance of focus as a time management technique, but today I want to talk about a different type of focus.

This focus has less to do with how you spend each minute or hour of your day and more to do with the goals you’re working toward.

For example, if you’ve set a goal of getting organized or decluttering your home, it’s easy to get discouraged when you realize it’s not going as fast as you thought it would or that you’re taking one step forward and one step back.

Maybe you are trying to start and grow a business so that you can quit your day job and work for yourself. If you lose focus of that goal and become discouraged because it seems like everyone around you has more free time than you do, chances are it will take you a lot longer to reach your goal, if you ever get there at all.

Dealing with Discouragement

Now, please understand that I’m not saying that you should never take a break or step back from a project. In fact, I agree completely with Tsh from Simple Mom on the importance of downtime for staying productive. There are weekends when I accomplish nothing toward my goal because I need a break in order to give my all!

Create a Plan

On the other hand, if you’re serious about achieving a goal, you have to go into it knowing that there will be days when you’re discouraged or worn out. And more importantly, you need to have a plan for how you’ll handle these times so that you can get back on track sooner rather than later:

1. To stay focused on your goal you first have to define your goal. What is your goal? What is your vision? What specifically do you hope to achieve and why do you want to achieve it?

2. Next, you need to plan for discouragement and failure. When you fall off the healthy eating bandwagon, lose out on an opportunity to someone else or make a stupid mistake, what will you do? Will you beat yourself up, throw your hands in the air and give up completely? Have a peptalk ready before this happens so that you can regroup, refocus and move forward!

3. You also need a contingency plan. How will you decide if you need to shift your focus or create a new goal? What measurable milestones do you expect to see along the way to show you that you’re on the right track? Do you have a Plan B in mind, or will you figure that out if the time comes?

One thing I try to do is take a step back when discouragement starts to creep in. When I start doubting myself, my ideas and my goals, I try never to make rash decisions because they’re almost never the right ones. Instead, I remind myself that self-doubt is normal, that the only way you can really achieve your goals is to try, fail and try again, and that the successful people I look up to didn’t get that way by giving up.

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Are you working toward a goal or resolution? How do you deal with self-doubt and discouragement?

Mandi Ehman is the founder and publisher behind Life Your Way and the co-author of All in Good Time, as well as a wife and the homeschooling mom to four beautiful girls. She lives with her family on a little slice of heaven in wild, wonderful West Virginia and loves coffee, chocolate, easy meals, beautiful things and minimalist spaces.