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The Importance of Good Design {From Idea to eBook}

From Idea to eBook: An Online Course to Make It Happen

After spending a few week on high-level topics like choosing a topic and exceeding expectations, we’re getting into the nitty gritty of creating an ebook, and while writing and editing (which we covered last week) are among the most important aspects of publishing an ebook, design is pretty high up on the list as well!

In Module 5, we’re talking about the importance of good design, including:

  • The role good design plays in marketing and selling your ebook
  • Knowing when to outsource the design of your ebook
  • The elements of a good interior design for appearance and usability
  • The elements of a good cover design
  • Using fonts and images and the copyright laws you need to be aware of

In addition, we’ve got case studies from professional designers and their tips on designing an ebook that sells.

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When you’re buying an ebook, do you judge it by its cover?