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The Life Your Way eBook Club: 15-Minute Marriage Makeover {Week 3}

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Whew…my mom and mother-in-law read this blog, but here goes anyway!

This week’s topic is Better Sex and Deeper Intimacy. For busy couples in the midst of the child-rearing years, sex and intimacy can become afterthoughts or chores rather than a something they prioritize and look forward to. I can’t even count the number of women who have said to me in real life, “By the time the kids go to bed, I just want to be left alone.” It’s not an uncommon feeling at all, but it can affect our marriages, and if you’re reading this, my guess is that you want more from your marriage!

But how do you balance the two?

Better Sex and Deeper Intimacy

In 15-Minute Marriage Makeover, Dustin talks about the importance of both sex and intimacy. They can happen separately, and being intimate doesn’t have to mean sex all the time. As Dustin says: “True sexual intimacy is not all about your time between the sheets, although that’s important too!”

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of this week’s exercises, which aren’t just about “doing it” more!

If you haven’t yet gotten your copy of 15-Minute Marriage Makeover, Dustin is offering Life Your Way readers a special price of $7.99 this month with coupon code life!

How This Works

Here’s how this works:

  • I will share this week’s discussion questions in three ways: in this post, as a printable PDF page and in the comments, with one comment per question.
  • Using the “threaded comments” feature, you will be able to respond to a specific question so that your comment is threaded or nested underneath that question. Just click Reply under the comment you’re responding too so that we can see that thread. Other people can also respond to your comment in the same way, so that hopefully we’ll get an actual discussion going rather than just one long comment thread!
  • Please take time not just to share your own answers, but also to read other people’s answers and ask questions, share encouragement and more.
  • Don’t forget to download your free printable resources at the end as well!

Okay, let’s get this thing started!

Week 3 Discussion Questions

The focus this week is on sex and intimacy. Intimacy is, of course, about a lot more than just sex, but both play an important role in a healthy marriage, and I appreciate Dustin’s frank approach to these topics:

1. Do you talk about sex as a couple?

Have you talked about your preferred frequency? Have you identified the things that keep you from having sex more often? How often do you affirm your spouse’s sexuality?

2. Is family planning something you talk about as a couple, or does it rest on your shoulders alone?

Does the desire to get pregnant or to avoid pregnancy affect your approach to sex?

3. How is the intimacy level in your marriage?

Are you comfortable being naked with your spouse — physically, mentally and emotionally? Do you make time for cuddling and just “being”, or does your intimacy revolve around sex?

4. Is your bedroom a sanctuary?

Do you enjoy being in your room, or is it a stressful, cluttered place? What simple changes could you make to make it more relaxing and improve the mood?

Week 3 Resources

Since most of this week’s exercises are about, ahem, doing rather than talking — or about talking in detail about sensitive topics that you might not want to write down, there is not an additional exercise sheet. However, you can download or print the Week 3 discussion questions below:

  • Week 3 Discussion Questions

Looking forward to the discussion!

If you’re just joining us, be sure to visit the Week 1 and Week 2 posts for additional resources and discussions!