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The Life Your Way eBook Club: How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too {Week 2}

ebook-clubWe’re chatting about How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too — an ebook I wrote to empower other moms to pursue their passions while investing in their families — with additional resources and printables each week. If you heaven’t already, be sure to check out the Week 1 discussion, download those printables and share your story as well!

This week’s topic is the key ingredients necessary to work from home and successfully juggle work and family: passion, hard work, intentionality and support.

Here’s how this works:

  • I will share this week’s discussion questions in three ways: in this post, as a printable PDF page and in the comments, with one comment per question.
  • Using the “threaded comments” feature, you will be able to respond to a specific question so that your comment is threaded or nested underneath that question. Just click Reply under the comment you’re responding too so that we can see that thread. Other people can also respond to your comment in the same way, so that hopefully we’ll get an actual discussion going rather than just one long comment thread! I’m sure this won’t work perfectly, and it’s not a big deal if you accidentally put a comment in the wrong place or want to throw out a new discussion question of your own. The idea is just to be able to talk through this together, the same way we would if we were meeting in my family room with coffee and pie!
  • Please take time not just to share your own answers, but also to read other people’s answers and ask questions, share encouragement and more.
  • Don’t forget to download your free printable resources at the end as well!

Okay, let’s get this thing started!

Week 2 Discussion Questions

1. Where do passion and work meet for you?

Are you passionate about the things you’re currently doing? If not, why are you still doing them? Has your passion waned? When was the last time you took a sabbatical or break from your work? What mundane tasks do you put up with in the pursuit of your passion?

2. How hard are you willing to work?

Are you looking for easy money or a get-rich-quick scheme? How do you feel about working hard and making sacrifices without getting paid? What are you willing to sacrifice for the pursuit of your passion?

3. Have you taken time to define your goals and non-negotiables?

What things are you unwilling to sacrifice for the pursuit of your passion? How will you measure your success and decide whether to continue long term?  

4. Do you deal with mommy guilty when you’re working?

Why do you feel guilty? What sacrifices do you regret making? How can you better protect your family time or values? Where do you need to show yourself more grace?

5. Who is part of your support system?

Do you already have a strong support system? How do those people support you? How could you build or grow a stronger support system?

6. Have you thought about hiring help?

If you’ve already got a growing business, have you thought about hiring someone to help you? What’s holding you back from delegating or outsourcing certain “urgent” tasks to make time for the “important” ones?

Week 2 Resources

Download or print these free resources as you think about your story:

Looking forward to the conversation!