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The Most Helpful Android Apps for Students

Students require extra resources to facilitate their learning and ensure that they will succeed in their education. In this case, the valuable resources for learners include professional essay writing services, websites, and applications that help their learning process and allow them to get a deeper understanding of the knowledge they learn in class. In addition, students may use Android applications to complement their classwork. The most useful Android applications for students include StudyBlue, Oxford Dictionary, Office Lens, and GoConqr.


Students may share study materials and practice quizzes to help each other to learn. StudyBlue is used for the creation of electronic copies of study materials that learners can share. Thus, the Android app minimizes the time used by students to create their study materials and reuse those that their peers have created. Additionally, StudyBlue can share practice quizzes among people to evaluate themselves and identify the areas they need to practice. As a result, learners have a higher chance of succeeding in their education. Thus, StudyBlue is a helpful Android application because students can share study materials and quizzes.

Oxford Dictionary

Proficiency in language and grammar is essential for students to succeed. The Oxford Dictionary application allows students to learn the meaning of terminologies that they encounter in their studies. In addition, the dictionary highlights the type of terminology and how it is used in grammar to help learners understand various concepts. Thus, the Android app increases the students’ depth of knowledge, becoming successful in their studies. Furthermore, the Oxford Dictionary application is accepted and approved by leading experts globally, making students use it to get standard materials. Therefore, the Oxford Dictionary app allows people to understand new terminologies that they encounter in their studies.

Office Lens

The Office Lens application takes pictures of whiteboards, documents, magazines, blackboards, and receipts and converts them to text files that can be shared or edited. Students use the application to capture some of the materials from the class to save the time that would be required to copy them. Additionally, the Android app cleans the document by removing any shadows and glares to ensure the text produced is easily readable. Finally, students can go through the materials as they revise, which helps them to improve their understanding. Thus, students use the Office Lens application to create text files from materials given in class, such as magazines.


Revision is crucial to ensure that students pass their exams and understand the required content. GoConqr is a revision application that creates mind maps, revision charts, notes, and quizzes that learners can use to do their studies and track their knowledge level. The Android app allows students to identify their areas of weakness and provide quizzes and notes to help them to improve their knowledge and skills. The application also allows social learning, where students can collaborate and connect with their friends or peers globally and help each other. Therefore, GoConqr helps students in their revision through the creation of mind maps and quizzes.


In conclusion, Android apps are essential supplementary materials that help students in their learning process. For instance, StudyBlue allows students to share their quizzes and study materials with their friends and classmates. Then, learners can use the Oxford Dictionary application to improve their grammar to global standards. Furthermore, text documents can be created by learners from study materials through the Office Lens application. Finally, people can use GoConqr to facilitate their revision process.

Featured Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay