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The Motherhood Lesson I Learned at the Racetrack

The following post is from Kat of Inspired To Action:

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Getting There…

“Let’s go on a vacation.” I whispered to my husband as we sat in church, several years ago.

Bewildered, but obliging, he whispered back, “O.K.”

“Today.” I replied.

His face lit up.

While the kids napped, we packed. And while most friends were headed to lunch, we were headed North.

(We live in Texas, it’s pretty much the only directional option.)

We ended up in Hot Springs Arkansas.

Off to the Races

After we got settled at the hotel, we decided to go to the local race track to see the horses train. Our little girls were thrilled.

As we stood by the fence, watching them kick up the dirt as they sped around the track, I thought about how hard those horses and jockeys worked to be the fastest.

So much effort and hope went into such a short race.

I also noticed how excited the horses were. They couldn’t wait, seemingly discontent unless they were running. Before the race they jumped and kicked around as they were being corralled into the gate. The jockeys were consumed with keeping them calm and focused.

Because if any one of those horses ran before the gun sounded they would be disqualified.

It wouldn’t matter if they were the fastest horse there. It wouldn’t matter if they had a better time than the track had ever seen. If they didn’t wait for the gun to sound, their race didn’t matter.

Bringing it home…

As moms, sometimes we grow discontent with the season were are in, don’t we?

Sometimes we can’t wait to put our college degree to use. We can’t wait until to start that business, write that book, travel to that country. Or perhaps we can’t wait for that next phase of parenting. We can’t wait until our children are big enough to do x, y, and z.

We live in a “next thing” society. What’s the next big movie? The next big tv show? The next big diet? The next big book?

We are teased with film trailers and cliff hanger season ending episodes that make us long for the “next thing.”

The “next thing” mentality is a raging river and, as mothers, we must step out of the current so we don’t get swept away only to look back and realize we missed all the beauty along the way.

So, friend, can I tell you a secret? This is the “next thing.” Right now.

So much effort and hope has gone into this short race of motherhood.

The years you longed to be a mother, the months you dreamed of meeting your little one face to face, the hours you spent staring at their peaceful face – willing them to wake up and give you their first smile.

As every older mother tells every younger mother, “It will fly by.”

The next thing will come, it always does.

So whether the season you are in requires you to wait or run, embrace it. Savor it.

Don’t sacrifice today’s sweet memories in pursuit of tomorrow’s ambition.

Choose contentment – not because you have to, but because you can.


What is one thing you can appreciate about your current season?

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