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The New Year Is the Time for a New You

The following post is from Jeff of My Super-Charged Life:

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What one thing do you need to change about yourself?

The new year is almost here.  It is a time for fresh beginnings.  It is as close to a do-over as you are going to get.  The new you is just waiting to burst out.  What is holding you back?

Let it go.  It is time to create real, sustainable change.  It is time to shed whatever is in your way.  You need to drop it like a heavy coat and free yourself to move on.

Wouldn’t it feel so good to just walk away from it?  Wouldn’t you like to leave it behind?  You’ve been carrying that load for far too long.  Why not decide right now that it is time for a new you.

Laying the Foundation for a New You

To create a new you, you must accept that you are what you do.  It is really that simple.  We often have an image of ourselves in our minds that isn’t really consistent with reality because we fail to fully realize this truth.

It is imperative that you take an honest assessment of yourself to lay the proper foundation for creating a new you.  You’ve got to be brutally honest.

Look at the results you are getting.  Is it what you want?  Are you living the life you dreamed of living?

If not, then what attitude are you maintaining that is producing the actions that are creating the results you no longer desire?  You have to change your thinking to change your life.

Actions are what produce results, but what we think determines what we do.  You’ve got to start by changing your mindLiterally.

Okay, so you are buying this so far, but wondering, “How do I do this?”  Well, here are the things you can do to create a new you in the new year.

1.  Identify Your Wrong Thinking

You’ve really got to dissect your thinking.  Here are some questions to help you get started:

  • What one attitude, thought or idea is at the core of why you act the way you do?
  • What assumption(s) are you making about yourself, others or the way life works that is leading you to continue to act this way?
  • What old wounds are you living with that are affecting your choices in life?

These can be difficult questions to answer because we often can’t see the forest for the trees.  We’ve lived with our wrong thinking for so long that we simply can’t see it.

You may want to involve a friend, family member or counselor to help you with this.  It is crucial that you keep unpacking this.  It is an iterative process that will continue to reap benefits even after you’ve started making progress toward your goals.

2.  Press Yourself to Do What Is Uncomfortable

Change is uncomfortable.  It is.  There are no two ways around it. It is going to feel awkward, scary and stressful when you start trying to act in a new way.  This is normal.

It sucks, but pressing into these uncomfortable feelings is the only way to get to the other side.  You have to make up your mind in advance that you are going to make it no matter how much you want to turn back.

How much do you want this? That’s really the question you’ve got to answer.

Have you watched The Biggest Loser?  Those people want to change.  Initially, I’m sure it is very uncomfortable for them.  They are scared.  They’ve never exercised like that before in their lives, but they believe.

Believers that want to change press forward into the unknown and start to see results.  It is amazing how much change can occur in just a few short months.  You can change yourself just as dramatically if you’ll press on through the uncomfortable part.

3.  Make the New You a Habit

Aristotle said, “We are responsible for what we do and who we are.”  Our habits are therefore our responsibility.  You can’t just shrug off your behavior by saying, “It is just a habit of mine that I can’t change.”  It may be difficult to change, but it is not impossible.

After you press through the uncomfortable part of creating the new you, it is imperative that you cement your new actions into your lifestyle.  You want to make the new you permanent.

You do this by being vigilant and disciplined.  You create new repeatable patterns of behavior and you stick to these religiously.  After a while, they will start to become second nature.  However, do not let up on yourself once the new habits become easier.  This is when you are most likely to backslide.

You have to be very disciplined for several months, if not years, to be sure that your new behavior is well rooted.  After all, it took you years to get to where you are so, don’t expect to change forever it just a few short weeks.  Commit yourself to a lifetime of new and better living.

Here is your chance to start fresh.  Here is your opportunity to let go of the old.  Here is your chance to embrace a new you. Will you do it?  It is time for you to experience that success you’ve always wanted.  Make this coming year one that you will never forget.

What habits, attitudes or behaviors do you want to let go of in 2011 to make room for the new you?

Jeff Nickles writes My Super-Charged Life to help people find success and meaning in their life. He has spent many hours researching these topics and loves making it easy for others to use the wisdom he discovers. Jeff is a corporate IT Director, but also has experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, training instructor, and military officer.