The No-Pain Method for Removing Splinters

The No-Pain Method for Removing Splinters

Somehow our girls manage to get multiple splinters per week — on their arms, on their feet, on their legs, wherever.

We used to use tweezers to remove splinters (that’s what you’re supposed to use, right?!), but there were a lot of times when the splinter just didn’t want to slide out easily, and it almost always resulted in wailing and tears.

Then we discovered how much easier it is to get them out with a sharp pin, and that’s now our go-to remedy.

The trick is to use the tip of the pin to carefully cut the skin, a teeny bit at a time, until the splinter is exposed and can be lifted right out.

This works for pretty much any splinter, and because you’re only cutting the top layer of skin rather than putting pressure on the splinter with the tweezers, it doesn’t hurt either!

How do you remove splinters?