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The One Word That Will Save You Hundreds (Maybe Thousands) This Year

The following post is from Tiffany of Mommy Goes Green:

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When I look through the closets in my house, I see items that haven’t been worn more than one or two times. A bread maker still in the box that I swore would save us money on bread. Coupons printed for items I don’t really use.

Oh, you too?

Honestly, I’m not someone who believes every purchase has to be a need but I do find that spending hard earned money on items that we value brings us more long term joy than the impulse purchases that were “such a great deal”.

A few months ago, I found the common theme amongst my overspending: I didn’t even know most of these deals existed until I checked my Inbox or mailbox.

Wanting to save more money in 2013,  I employed a simple trick to eliminate much of my unplanned spending and it can be summed up in one word: UNSUBSCRIBE.

I’ve shared my tips for unsubscribing in the five areas that impacted me most:

Retail Stores

Are you subscribed to emails from retailers such as Old Navy, Sears or Target? Take a few minutes this week and unsubscribe from every one of them.

If you feel like you can’t survive without one or two, try this: create a (free) gmail account for your subscriptions.  Send all of your retail emails there and only access the account when you need to.  I only check mine when I need to make a purchase and am looking for a coupon or discount code.


Do you subscribe to deal and coupon blogs? Unsubscribe from all but one or two that really provide you with the savings you need. I like those that post grocery and household deals but try to avoid those that constantly list the ‘hot’ sales on clothing and junk I really don’t need (even if it’s really cheap).

Daily Deals

I can’t tell you how many Daily Deals I’ve purchased that I didn’t use before the expiration date or had to spend more money just to use it. It’s not a good deal if I go out to dinner just to use my voucher.

I use to get 10 of these daily deal emails every day. I now subscribe to 2 local ones that offer discounts on things I already spend money on.  I’ve found that if there is a really great deal on useful items such as movie tickets or discounted gift cards, the deal and coupon blogs I follow will post them.


Another area of impulse spending for me is catalogs. I never knew my daughter needed a pink gingham dress until I saw it in a catalog, never mind the dozen dresses she already owns.  Head over to Catalog Choice and unsubscribe from every catalog you no longer need. Most retailers have everything they sell on their website so really, do you need any catalogs?

While you are at Catalog Choice, unsubscribe from credit card offers, donation requests and coupons that you don’t need. Less paper waste is a good thing.


If you get the latest issue of People Magazine and feel the need to own a green handbag, you might want to cancel the subscription. You can get celebrity news online for free and trade the handbag for the vacation you’d rather have.

I hope you are feeling inspired to save more money this year with this simple tip. Join me as I’m off to a good start:  I’ve already cut my spending on clothing by 70%.

How do you keep yourself from spending impulsively? Where are your weak spots?

Tiffany is a wife and mom of two, living simply to indulge her family’s love of outdoor recreation and travel. You can find her contributing at Simple Homemade, The Creative Mama and her personal home on the web, Mommy Goes Green.