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The Safe, Affordable Cell Phone Option for Kids

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kajeet for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Our oldest will soon be 10, and she already has friends with iPods and phones of their own.

While we’re holding out for as long as we can, I have a feeling we’ll be dealing with the “everybody else has one” argument soon enough, and at some point we’re going to have to figure out how to protect her (and the rest of our kids) in this world of cyber bullying, sex trafficking and more.

Enter Kajeet.

Kajeet is an innovative, award-winning, no-contract cell phone carrier offering cell phones for kids. With Kajeet, parents get extensive parental controls and affordable service plans.

Have a child who needs a phone for summer activities and events, but you don’t want them texting or calling friends? Kajeet can do that.

How about a preteen who wants to be able to text a certain group of people without opening them up to random contacts or texts? Yep, Kajeet can do that too.

Or a young teen who needs a little help limiting their phone usage to appropriate hours? You betcha.

Kajeet allows parents to allow calls and texts from certain numbers — or block the ones that are a problem — through the Contact Manager. It also lets you set usage hours through the Time Manager. But the really cool part is that Kajeet makes sure that Mom & Dad’s calls and texts always get through.

While there’s no substitute for teaching personal responsibility, Kajeet offers parents an affordable, safe way to introduce their kids to cell phones without turning them lose right away!

Through June 17, save 20% off all phones (except the Samsung Galaxy S4) with promo code PROUD. See the full coverage map here.

Or Bring Your Own SprintĀ® Device to Kajeet! If you already own an eligible (and inactive) Sprint device, you can activate it with Kajeet.

Do your kids have cell phones? What rules and restriction do you have for their usage? How would Kajeet make protecting them easier?