The Secret of Success for Work-at-Home Moms

work at home mom tips
source: Daquella Manera

This week I’m over at Simple Mom sharing what I believe is the best kept secret for being successful as a work at home mom:

What if I told you that there was one principle that would have the biggest impact on whether you’re successful as a work-at-home mom or not?

Hint: It’s not the industry or niche you choose. It’s not the structure of your business or what trade organizations you join. It’s not even the people you network with or your customer service.

All of those things are important, of course, but the number one reason many work-at-home moms give up is not because their businesses aren’t doing well but because they’re not doing well. They’re tired, stressed and frazzled, pulled in a million directions and feeling like they’re not giving their best to their families or to their businesses.

So what’s the key to success? Simply put: Get it done early.

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