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The State of the Blog: February 2011

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Each month here at Blogging Your Way, we’ll be reviewing “the state of the blog” to give you a peek behind the scenes.

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  • In January, I traveled to Washington, D.C. as part of the campaign to learn more about the national debt. This is the only paid blogging trip I’ve ever taken because I’m definitely a homebody, but this was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.
  • Blissdom: Also in January, I attend the Blissdom Conference for the third time, and it was a great chance to spend some time with so many other women who “get” blogging live and in person.
  • Conference Sponsorship: This was the first time I’ve had a sponsor for a conference, as part of the Genesis Today ambassador program, and it was fun to share products and information about the company with other bloggers in a lowkey environment.
  • Site Editor: Andrea from Simple Organized Living and Farmhouse Love joined the team a few weeks ago as a site editor, and I’m so thankful for the role she’s playing. She’s taking some very important tasks off my plate, and I’m looking forward to having more time to take the site to the next level once the book is done!
  • Stats: Although stats aren’t everything, I do think they’re part of how we evaluate the things we’re doing as bloggers, so I’m going to share December and January’s stats side-by-side for comparison:


December: 40,393

January: 50,815


December: 174,058

January: 228,589

Bounce Rate

December: 59.83%

January: 64.82%

Number of Pages per Visit

December: 2.62

January: 2.76

New Opportunities

  • Vlog Series: Over the next three months, Jessica from Life as Mom and I will be sharing a Getting Control of Your Paper Clutter vlog series sponsored by AboutOne. Jessica and I had a great time chatting through our ideas for the series earlier this week, and I think this will be a fun new way to collaborate.
  • Collaborative Project: Corey from Simple Marriage and I are also collaborating on an exciting project (more to come next month), and I’m enjoying getting to know him better and working with bloggers that I haven’t necessarily worked with in the past.


  • Finish the Book: The manuscript for our book is due to the publisher on March 7th, and that day is quickly approaching!
  • Build More Community: As I mentioned yesterday,  hearing Scott Stratten speak and reading UnMarketing has really changed the way I view my role here at Life Your Way.  In the coming months, I will be more engaged in the comments, on Twitter and on Facebook, and I hope to really see the Life Your Way community grow as a result of that engagement.

Overall, this month will be focused on maintenance rather than a lot of growth or new projects, but I’m excited to finish the book and invest some of the “extra” time I’ll have back into Life Your Way!