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The State of the Blog: March 2011

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Each month here at Blogging Your Way, we review “the state of the blog” to give you a peek behind the scenes.

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  • The Book. The manuscript is pretty much done, save for a few final edits, and will be on its way to the editor this week. It feels great to have that done, and I can’t wait to actually see it in print (unfortunately, this is kind of anti-climatic since it will be 9 months until it’s actually published, but I’m sure it will be here before we know it!).
  • The Homies. Technology Your Way was chosen as Best Home Tech Blog of 2011 in the Apartment Therapy Homies. Unfortunately, this niche is really wide open, so we won almost by default, but I still consider it a privilege, and I hope that the site can really live up to that in the coming year!
  • Stats. Although stats aren’t everything, I do think they’re part of how we evaluate the things we’re doing as bloggers, so I’m going to share January and February’s stats side-by-side for comparison:


January: ~9,000

February: ~9,500


January: 50,815

February: 47,345


January: 228,589

February: 180,620

Bounce Rate

January: 64.82%

February: 68.05%

Number of Pages per Visit

January: 2.76

February: 2.37

New Opportunities

  • Project Simplify. I’ll be participating in Project Simplify, hosted by Simple Mom, starting this week. Instead of just telling you how to spring clean, I’m going to actually show you what it looks like in our home with a series of vlogs. Should be fun, and I’ve always wanted to include more multimedia content here at Life Your Way, so this seemed like a good opportunity to start doing that!
  • Huge Simplify Family Life Sale. Corey from Simple Marriage and I have been hard at work putting together an awesome  package of ebooks at an absolutely amazing prize. The sale launches on 3/21, and I can’t wait to share all of the details with you!


  • Prepare to Grow. My main goal for March is to reevaluate what we’ve been doing for the last 6 months — especially in light of the feedback I got from last month’s survey — and really clarify my vision for the site. I have a lot of clean up to do to make the site more intuitive and user-friendly as well.
  • Networking. One of the things I’ve had to set aside for the past few months is really networking and collaborating with other bloggers. I’m looking forward to getting back to that, as it’s really one of my favorite parts of blogging and I think it ultimately benefits readers as well.

Last month was focused almost entirely on maintenance while Tara and I finished our manuscript. I’ve got a ton of ideas that I’ve been writing down over the last couple of months, though, and I’m excited to start working on them now that that’s done!