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The updated Easy Homemade is HERE!

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Easy, homemade tortillas

One of my main goals for this summer was to update the Easy Homemade ebook, adding all new recipes and kitchen tips to the existing collection.

Easy Homemade first launched exactly two years ago, and it’s sold more than 15,000 copies as other families learn the secret I discovered: cooking from scratch isn’t nearly as complicated or time consuming as we’ve been led to believe.

Whether you’re looking to cut your budget, control the ingredients in your food or simply improve your kitchen skills so that you don’t have to abandon a recipe when you discover you’re out of a key ingredient, this ebook is for you.

There’s no way around it, I am a kitchen dunce. Cooking does not come easily to me. {Seriously, I called my mom for help the first time I tried to fry an egg as a newlywed, and I regularly ask Shaina for help when I’m trying something new!)

But a surprising thing happened when I started writing Easy Homemade two years ago. As I got back to the basics of testing and trying from-scratch recipes, I began to better understand my way around the kitchen and why certain ingredients and steps are necessary.

I’ll never be a gourmet chef, but these days my family raves about my homemade pasta sauce, tortillas and brownies, and I can almost always make a recipe work even when we’re out of something important.

The 2nd edition of Easy Homemade includes more than 30 new recipes and kitchen tips (for a total of more than 80 recipes!), including these:

  • eggnog
  • electrolyte drink
  • hot chocolate
  • hot vanilla
  • sweet tea
  • infused water
  • pumpkin pie seasoning
  • ranch dip
  • caramel sauce
  • chocolate magic shell
  • panko
  • royal icing
  • brown sugar
  • powdered sugar
  • cheese sauce {two ways}
  • chocolate fondue
  • hummus
  • instant oatmeal
  • jello
  • pudding
  • jello-style pudding
  • poor man’s cobbler
  • pie crust
  • flour tortillas

Buy Easy Homemade for $5.99 $3.99 (on sale through 8/18)!

You’ll also receive a set of printable recipe cards, the Nook and Kindle files to load to those devices and access to all of the recipes from the book on
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Still not sure? See the full table of contents and what other people are saying here.

P.S. If you purchased the original ebook, you should have a brand new copy in your inbox this morning, but if you don’t, please email me at [email protected] with your purchase information so we can get that taken care of for you!