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Three Ways to Save Your Neck {When Shooting with a DSLR}

The following post is from Amanda of Everyday Elements:


It happens to almost everyone who owns a DSLR – neck and shoulder pain from lugging around those heavy critters! But, that does not need to be the case. Here are three options that can drastically ease the burden of carrying a DSLR.

Wrist Straps

There is no rule that the strap needs to go around your neck. Nope, you can take that thing off and opt for a wrist strap instead.

To be clear, the wrist strap is not used to support the camera like a neck strap. It is only there as a safety measure should you trip or get bumped and lose hold of your camera.

I left the neck strap camp for the wrist strap camp in the spring of 2011 and I have never looked back. How do I carry the camera? Usually in the crook of my opposing arm, or by holding onto the camera grip. If you want to shop for a wrist strap, I get mine at My Funky Camera.

A big plus to using a wrist strap is that you never accidentally bump or bang your camera into doors or tables like you do when you have a camera slung over your shoulder.

Neck Strap Covers

This option is has two perks to it – the covers have padding and prevent the neck strap from cutting into your neck. Plus, they make the strap look much more fashionable.

I used a strap cover for over a year (before going to wrist straps) and loved how much the cover cushioned the strap. The “installation” is easy as pie too, just take one side of the strap off the camera, slide the cover on, then reattach strap to the camera.

Looking for a shop to buy neck straps from? There are many Etsy shops, but check out Bluebird Chic – she has wonderful variety of covers!

source: Etsy shop – Bluebird Chic

Another tip, if you are using a neck strap with or without a cover, is to lengthen the strap enough so that  the strap goes over a shoulder and across your body. That will take the weight off your neck when walking from one place to another.

Rapid Strap

The Black Rapid Strap is a different strap altogether. It does not hang around your neck. Rather, it goes over your shoulder, across your body, and has the camera attached from the bottom. The portion of the strap that covers over your shoulder is cushioned and contoured in a way to brings little to no pressure and stress to your back and shoulders.

I do not have one of these straps, but everyone I know who does own one, raves about it!

source: Beckie Kengle

What do you do or use to prevent neck and shoulder pain from carrying your camera? 

Amanda is a quirky, introverted mom of four who is passionate about helping others learn their cameras and editing software. She homeschools her four kids, ages 13 to 6, all of whom run away when they see her carrying her camera.