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Preventing My Kids from Getting Cavities

One of the worst trips you’ll ever take your kids on is a trip to the dentist. I get a horribly guilty feeling when I round all my kids together, and get them all to come in the car, yelling and screaming as if they’re about to be sent to slaughter.

The last time I took my son to the dentist, he bit the dentist’s finger so hard, and his foot shot up so high that I thought the man’s scrub pants might split. The dentist refused to see him again (no surprise there), so I had to switch practices. Not fun.

But after my first visit to this new practice where my oldest son got four cavities filled, my next had three, and my youngest had a record-breaking seven cavities completed in one appointment, I’ve made a firm decision. We’re limiting the candy intake in my house. Here’s how I’m doing it.

Trash It

Trash it

All the candy to be found in my house went straight to the trash. I don’t care if it’s wasting; I’d rather throw out some candy (which is bad for your health anyway, mind you) than make my kids get any unnecessary cavities. Now, the pantry’s clear of candy, so there’s no choice  – it’s healthy food, and healthy food only. It may sound a little strict now, but I promise you: It’s definitely for their own good! I want my children to have strong, white teeth when they get older, and I feel that this is the best way to achieve that.

Restock the Pantry

Once I cleaned the pantry out of junk, I was ready to restock. But with healthy foods only. I filled it up with healthy cereals, pretzels and other healthy snacks, and I bought lots of fruits and veggies, too. I want my kids to have lots of food to eat! As long as they’re healthy ones, that are good for them.

New Recipes

Yup; I really went all out. I checked out Amazon and found some really cool recipe books, like this Dinner Plan recipe book, which has a lot of quick and easy supper recipes that are perfectly healthy! I also started following a few health food blogs, many of which have helpful tips, and great recipes for snacks, suppers, breakfast, and really just about anything else.

Weekly Cheat

I figured that a bit of leeway is necessary if I want this whole plan to last, so I’m allowing my kids to have a candy once a week. Compared to the unlimited indulgence they’ve been experiencing until now, this isn’t much, but I think it’s enough that my kids will be able to survive on.

And, if anything, this diet will allow them to thrive physically as well as mentally! I researched quite a bit before putting this plan into action, and I’ve discovered that too much sugar leads to hyperactivity and other side effects.

So, just by keeping away from sweets and other sugary foods, not only are my kids going to hopefully have less cavities to fill at the dentist than ever before, they’ll also be able to sit through class! What more could a mother want?

The only thing I just can’t wrap my mind around is if the schools want their students to stay calm and be in the optimal mindset for learning, why do they give them so much unhealthy food? I just can’t figure it out.

Whatever. Listen, you can’t get everything. I’m just glad that at home, my kids are only eating foods that will help them grow healthy and strong. One day, I know they’ll thank me for it.