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Tips for Sellers If a Buyer Backs Out

Homebuyer Backs Out After Inspection, What Next?

Not all home sale deals are closed successfully. It’s common for a buyer to walk away from the contract even if contingencies are added, notes California Realty Group, a leading Temecula property management company. One common stage when a buyer backs out is after a home inspection. The inspector may find problems that the buyer is not prepared to spend money on or think the appraised value isn’t worth it.

As a seller, this is a major hassle. This guide will help you with what to do if a buyer backs out after the home inspection.

Backup buyers

Having a backup buyer may be a good idea as a smooth solution to soften the blow if the first buyer backs out. Depending on how the backup offer is worded, you can even carry out negotiation.

Sellers should always keep their homes as saleable as possible until all contingencies are resolved to make a good impression on inspectors and appraisers in case the first deal falls through.

New price

If the buyers walk away because of the price, you can try to lower it. However, If a newly discovered home system or appliances defect is the cause, you must solve the problem. Buyers can then re-appraise the home with the new information.

If you received multiple offers, you should resist the temptation to relist at a higher price, as buyers can perceive it as a red flag. It is better to let them outbid each other to get up to that price themselves.

The hidden problems

When the buyers back out due to issues in your home systems or appliances, like sewer system leaks or HVAC breakdowns, you must first take care of all the hidden problems. Then, you can remarket the home with a disclosure. 

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Gather documentation

Suppose you have done any repair after the buyers back out. Record all the repairs made. You should have this documentation ready if the buyers ask any questions about these repairs. Keeping these receipts handy also helps you make better deals with the next buyers.

You can also get a seller home warranty to get a good deal for your home. Research home warranty companies and look up their reviews for an informed decision. A warranty can reduce unexpected costs associated with repairing and replacing the home’s systems and appliances. The documentation helps file successful claims.

Settle the deposit ASAP

A seller cannot put the house back on the market till the contract has been canceled and debt settled. Therefore, you’ll want to figure out how much deposit you have to repay or whether you can keep it according to the contract terms. 

If the contract allows the buyer to walk out due to unsatisfactory results from a home inspection, you may not get to retain much of it. Some state laws may allow a 3% contract break penalty. You may be able to sue the buyer for not fulfilling specific conditions if the contract allows it.

Final Thoughts 

A real estate final walkthrough gives sellers a chance to make sure everything is in order before the window for negotiations closes. However, problems can occur during final walkthroughs as well. Be aware of these common problems and what buyers may demand during a walkthrough. A lot depends on whether there is a buyer or seller’s market.

Featured Image by Tumisu en Pixabay