Tips for Troubleshooting Your iPad

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Last week my iPad began freaking out. It was if an invisible hand was controlling the screening: opening apps, turning pages of books, resizing pages and typing nonsense.

This was the first real issue I’ve had since I learned how to close apps on the iPad, and my hubby began researching troubleshooting steps for me.

Here’s what we found:

1. Turn It Off and On

If your iPad freezes, trying turning it all the way off by holding the power button at the top for three seconds. A slider will come up that says Slide to Power Off.  Slide it to turn off your iPad. Once it’s off, hold the button at the top until the Apple logo appears to turn it back on.

2. Reset the iPad

I think this should really be called reboot rather than reset because it doesn’t affect the settings, applications or data on your iPad; it just resets the operating system to clear whatever might be causing an issue. This is the one that solved me crazy screen issues.

3. Update Your Ipad iOS Version

Apple lists this as the first step,  but turning your iPad on and off and rebooting it are so simple that this one takes third place for me. To fix many recurring problems, simply open iTunes on your computer, download the latest version of the software and then sync your iPad to get the latest iOS updates. Often, this will take care of any problems that have been identified already as an issue with the operating system.

4. Restore It to the Last Backup

Each time you sync your iPad with iTunes, it creates a back up. Use the restore function to restore your iPad to the most recent backup in case a setting you’ve changed or an app you’ve installed is causing the issue. To restore, connect your iPad to your computer and open iTunes. Look for your device on the left sidebar and right-click or control-click on the iPad and select Restore from Backup.

5. Restore It to Factory Settings

Finally, if all else fails, you can also restore your iPad completely to factory settings. Go to Settings->General->Reset (at the bottom)->Reset All Settings. This will clear all applications and settings but save your data. To clear the data as well, choose Erase All Content and Settings.

6. Go to an Apple Store

If you’re still having issues after a factory reset — or if you’d like to avoid clearing your iPad if possible — you can always take your iPad into your nearest Apple store. They may have a solution for you, or if a factory reset doesn’t work, they may be able to get you a replacement.

Have you had to do any troubleshooting on your iPad?