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Tips for Weddings with A Garden Serving as The Event’s Venue

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Marrying outdoors allows nature to be your spotlight. The surroundings offer garden weddings a living, natural vibe, energy, and even melody that you can’t get in any other setting unless using artificial acoustics. As a result, the attendees feel a much greater sense of comfort and ease than in a more restrictive environment, especially in less formal attire. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the bride and those helping to plan the nuptials won’t have setbacks or stresses the same with a more contemporary, indoor affair. Likewise, just because garden weddings appear less involved doesn’t mean that’s true. There are still as many details, arrangements, invitations, orders, outfits as there would be in any other scenario.

The primary consideration is to relax and enjoy each moment because these are memories you want to recall fondly, not as harried recollections. Allow plenty of time for planning and implementing the activities, and if something becomes overwhelming, stop and go back to it later. You want this to be a ceremony you remember for the magic, not the mayhem.

Tips For A Stress-Free Garden Ceremony

No one wants the planning phase of their garden wedding to be full of strife and frustration. That takes away from what should be the best time of your life. Every aspect should be fun, exciting, and enjoyable, from sending the invitations to sampling cake and especially choosing a gown. 

There will be things that aren’t glamorous or exciting, but you can make the most of the situations because they’re part of the day being a success like the permits. So please find a way to make the experience fun, like a celebration dinner after you do it. Here are some top tips to keep your garden wedding as stress-free as possible.

** Permits

If you plan to use a location such as a garden open to the general public that is ideal for your specific ceremony, you will most likely need to acquire a permit from the council. Please make sure this is something you do immediately upon setting a date because it could take some time to obtain the slip.

Check your specific state to learn their guidelines and regulations. Then, if you go online, it’s best to follow that with a phone call to verify what the website says for confirmation. You can never be too careful. Things could change from when the website updated last.  

** Sunshine Is Great. . . But 

Pay attention to the directions when getting the design laid out for the guests and the participants relating to where the sun’s rays will be beaming down on everyone, especially in the heat of the Australian weather. Go to for guidance as a guest attending an outdoor wedding.

It’s ideal to have the sun facing everyone’s backside and not directed in their eyes. If the sun will be setting when you will marry, check where it will set in accordance with your layout and when so that you can work with it and not against it.

** Keep Everyone Comfortable

Some wedding guests dread garden ceremonies due to the potential for inclement weather, extreme temperatures, bugs, allergies, and several different discomforts that most participants don’t consider when planning their weddings. 

It’s essential to take care and consider the guests, so everyone has a good time and feels comfortable observing the ceremony.

  • Hot / Cold: Be ready for guests who might end up melting or perhaps freezing due to extreme temperatures. Save your loved ones with cooling and heating units. 

It can be gigantic fans or plenty of outdoor heating units to give comfort where it’s needed. Click to learn the best months to get married in Australia. Ensure these are adequate so that they don’t either blow the individuals away or make it so they can’t hear what’s happening.

 Look for quality equipment that does the job seamlessly. Also, give everyone a nice cold bottle of water and provide ice coolers to keep drinks cold.

If it’s freezing, have plenty of thick blankets on hand that everyone can cozy up, plus some nice toboggans and scarves to wrap up for anyone who prefers. If it’s wet weather, make sure you have a canopy over your ceremony and provide individual umbrellas for each person.

  • Seating: Ensure you have adequate seating, even if your cousin’s cousin brings an unexpected friend. No one wants to stand on turf with heels sinking into the ground for the duration of a wedding program. Ensure you have someone on duty to find a seat for anyone who might come that you didn’t necessarily anticipate, so everyone has a place to sit down and enjoy the day.
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** Put Yourself In The Spotlight

In the outdoors, nature will most certainly trump as the focal point. It might be a challenge to design an area for you and your partner to stand out from the beauty around you, but it is essential that you grab the attention of your guests away from what’s happening in the surroundings. 

Use flowers, of course (garden,) fairy lights, torches, a lovely archway that blends and astounds but also complements the natural elements in the space you’re using as your venue. You don’t want to be garish or stand out for the wrong reasons but accentuate in an awe-inspiring way.

Final Thought

Australian weather is unpredictable, to say the least, and you’ll know that. It can turn awful in a second. It’s challenging to plan a garden venue because you sort of have to design two weddings, with one being the “plan B” if the weather ruins the first one.

The best idea for weddings is to use a garden site with an incredible indoor option on the premises that you can transition to in case, perhaps a greenhouse, so you don’t need to let go of the outdoor vibe or a sunroom area. The most important thing is that everything is ready so no one has stress either with planning or on the day of celebration, so you can retell stories for generations recalling memories with joy.

Featured Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash