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Tips to Make Your AliExpress Shopping Easier

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AliExpress is a popular destination for e-shoppers worldwide who seek discounts and low prices. Consumers value the platform for a wide choice of sellers and products: you can easily find analogs, compare the quality and prices of the goods, and choose the best option. Moreover, many people admit AliExpress’s community as a competitive advantage compared to other similar e-com platforms.

While all these sound tempting, shopping on AliExpress can be confusing for those who open the site or app for the first time. In this article, we will elaborate on how to make purchasing from AliExpress easier.

Use Shopping Tools

In an array of products, how do you find the one with the best price-to-quality ratio? You will need to scroll down dozens, if not thousands, of similar offers, study their reviews, compare prices, and try to determine the seller’s reliability. It’s quite a quest!

Thanks to various platforms and extensions like Alitools, you don’t need to do this manually anymore. All you need to do is to install a browser extension or download an app and let the algorithms do the job for you.

They can monitor price changes for the chosen goods, provide you with real reviews from trustworthy customers and show sellers’ trust level. Therefore, you won’t need to analyze prices, investigate the reviews and study the sellers’ profiles on your own, saving a lot of time and effort.

Protect Yourself with Reliable Payment Methods Only

Shopping is more than just finding the products and purchasing them. That’s why you should also think about an after-sales stage when you are waiting for your goods to arrive. While the majority of orders are fulfilled and delivered, there are still cases when they aren’t. In this situation, you need to make sure that AliExpress’s buyer protection policy covers your case.

Here, a choice of the payment method plays a huge role. Never pay outside of AliExpress as you can’t be sure you will get a refund if your product is faulty or doesn’t arrive at all. If you pay on the site, AliExpress holds your funds and can return them if necessary. If you send the money directly to sellers, the refund will be solely a matter of their honesty and reliability.

In terms of payment methods, we advise you to choose credit cards or payment systems like PayPal. The transactions are easy to make and usually don’t imply additional fees, which can’t always be relevant for bank transfers.

Customize Your AliExpress Account

Not all products are shipped worldwide. To eliminate what can not be delivered to your country, you may want to set up your geo initially. It’s also better to choose your currency to not convert the price to your local currency every time you find something you’d like to buy.

If you are shipping to the USA, you can avoid overdue deliveries by choosing a national shipment. Currently, AliExpress allows shipping not only from China but also from Turkey and the USA. You can specify this directly in the AliExpress search bar. You will reduce the shipping time and avoid customs taxes, which decreases the price even more.

Shop via the AliExpress App

Although AliExpress has been operating since 2010, its app is rather fresh. This doesn’t mean that it’s not worth using, though. The application is highly convenient. You can both enjoy shopping on the go and reap the benefits of discounted prices.

Striving to attract users to the mobile app, AliExpress introduces special deals for mobiles only. It means that you can buy goods cheaper than on the website. Besides, you can get an additional coupon as a reward for the app download. With this in mind, the AliExpress app is a portal to user-friendly shopping regardless of your location with even more lucrative prices.

Explore Recommendations

While buying the first product you encountered seems like the easier way, anyone who has surfed across AliExpress will dissuade you. If you want to find the best deal, you need to check other similar offers too. It doesn’t mean that you need to study the endless search results: it will take too much time.

Instead, consider checking out recommendations. Just choose the product you like, scroll down, and you will find the seller’s suggestions. It may not be the best option as AliExpress’s recommendations are usually much better. There, you will find similar goods from other sellers at lower prices and with better conditions – for example, free shipping.

Summing Up

Undoubtedly, shopping on AliExpress is worth it: a wide range of offers with low prices. However, you need to shop smart to make the most out of your experience. If you like the process of examining the deals, you can always navigate around the e-com platform manually. Those who don’t want to waste their time can always delegate this to Alitools or extensions.


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