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Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Plan a Weekly Menu

There are plenty of posts around the blogosphere about why you should take the time to plan your weekly menu, but we’re going to look at the top ten reasons you shouldn’t:

10. You’re a non-conformist by nature, and since weekly meal plans are popular, you refuse to give in.

9. You like to spend your free time staring blankly at the pantry, trying to come up with dinner ideas. It’s like a hobby.

8. You prefer the “seek and you shall find” method of mealtime. You stock the shelves and the fridge, and your family is required to seek and find their meals there.

7. You like to test your cooking skills by looking through the cabinets at 5:15 and creating a gourmet meal out of the random ingredients you find.

6. Your family enjoys having the same 7 meals every week, so there’s no need for a weekly menu plan.

5. You’re a free spirit and refuse to be bogged down with “organization” of any kind.

4. You want to be able to blame an empty refrigerator and pantry when you tell your extended family they can’t drop by at dinnertime.

3. The grocery store is your “happy place,” and you like making extra trips to pick up last-minute ingredients.

2. You want to do your part to boost the economy by spending lots of money at the grocery store, even if the food goes bad before you use it.

1. You like to use the excuse “We don’t have anything to eat” as a reason to go out to dinner.

What are your reasons for not menu planning?

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