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Top 4 Self-Defense Tips for Women

Have you ever had that uncomfortable feeling that, as a woman, you’re a prime target for criminals? If so, you’re already on the way to being ready to defend yourself. Simply assuming that you’re safe and being too trusting is a dangerous mindset to have. While you don’t want to be paranoid, being alert to possible dangers could save your life. But what if you really are attacked? Will you know what to do? Use these self-defense tips to improve your chances.

1. Have Pepper Spray or a Taser


When you’re out and about, having a taser or pepper spray will boost your confidence and give you a good chance of incapacitating an attacker so that you can get away. In the pepper spray vs taser debate, there are several pros and cons to consider. Choose the option you think is best for you, and be sure that you can quickly and easily reach your self-defense “weapon” if the need arises. Test it out before you carry it. If you don’t know how to use it, it’s more of a danger to you than it is to your attacker. 

2. Know How to Break Free From a Hold

Do you know how to break free from a hold if someone were to grab you? Each type of hold has its weak point; you can take advantage of that to break free. You can boost your chances of success by startling your attacker. For example, suddenly shout and stamp your feet. Although you’ll find plenty of articles and videos showing you how to break a hold, practicing your moves at a self-defense class will prepare you to act quickly and decisively. 

3. Put up a Fight

Fighting back
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By choosing a woman as a target, an attacker shows that he’s looking for an “easy” victory. He doesn’t expect you to put up much of a fight, and he thinks the aggression will be all from his side. Surprise him! If there’s no other option open to you, go in with the intent to cause as much pain as possible. Kick, claw, strike, bite and target the most sensitive parts of his body like the eyes, face, and groin. Make as much noise as you can. Other people may come to your aid, or he might take fright and disengage. 

If you end up on the ground, continue to fight. Your assailant might think that the battle is won, but there’s still a lot you can do to protect yourself. Use the palm strike, knee kick, or, if you’re up to it, the side thrust kick and do as much damage as possible. Never pause. Never let up. No matter how gentle you may ordinarily be, you want to hurt this person, and you don’t want to give him a chance to recoup and rethink his attack. 

4. Know When and Where to Run

If you can’t outrun an attacker, don’t even try. Getting taken down from behind limits your ability to defend yourself. However, if you’re fairly sure you can get away, do so, but do it with a destination in mind. You’re looking for brightly-lit areas with lots of people around. If you haven’t been attacked yet but have a gut feeling that something is wrong, trust your gut. Head for a place where you can hope to find help. Walk quickly and decisively and be hyper-alert for movement. If a threat is imminent, turn to face it, keeping your knees slightly bent and your hands raised, palms open. Use the palm strike to the face, ramming the heel of your hand forward as hard as you can if the aggressor moves in for the attack. 

Prevention is Best

While we all enjoy the freedom of being able to go where we like, nobody likes to be attacked. Keep your risks to a minimum, avoiding deserted places on your own and on foot. When you’re at home, make a habit of locking doors and setting your home security so that it will take time and a noisy process to get in. While you shouldn’t rely on alarms alone, having one will help. Stay safe, but be ready to fight if the need arises using these self-defense tips. 

Featured Image by inna mykytas from Pixabay