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Top 5 Luxury Fashion Brands to Shop From

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The recent changes in fashion are turning heavily towards eliminating fast fashion. People have shown interest in shopping at luxury fashion brands that promise quality and style. As a result, luxury brands have started catering to a wider audience than before.

Luxury brands are those which produce high-quality fashion which is carefully designed by specialists. In previous times, these brands only catered to women but have now taken the path to inclusivity. Below are the top 5 luxury fashion brands that you can shop from.


The House of Fendi has been in the fashion business since 1925. The brand emerged mainly as a fashion brand with fur and leather products. However, over the years, Fendi has noticed a transformation from real fur to faux fur. These changes have been made by keeping in mind the state of the environment.

On the other hand, there is no other brand that beats Fendi when it comes to leather products. You can easily find the most quirky and experimenting fashion at a Fendi store.


Valentino is an Italian luxury brand that is heavily influenced by the feminine and romantic style of fashion. The clothing company was established in 1960 by Valentino Garavani. As of now, Pierpaolo Piccioli, the current creative director, is carrying forward the brand legacy built by Garavani.

You can find specially curated glasses, clothes, perfumes, and footwear at a Valentino store. The total net income of the store is around. Valentino is popular for the way it combines the traditional with the modern.

Canada Goose

As the name suggests, Canada Goose started in a small warehouse in Toronto in 1957. The brand is driven towards creating luxury clothing that is both functional as well as extraordinary. Carrying forward the traditionality and authenticity of Canada is one of their major goals.

The brand combines sophistication with innovation to provide its customer with the best shopping experiences. Moreover, Canada Goose pays special attention to the details and carefully handcrafts many of their clothes.


Christian Dior has a special position reserved for it in the fashion industry. The brand that started out in Paris in 1946 is now one of the most renowned fashion brands. In the old days, the brand took inspiration from what was around. For instance, one of their collections is heavily influenced by the second world war.

Christian Dior
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As of today, the brand keeps its style minimal as well as romantic. It was also focusing on giving the customer a formal look.

Calvin Klein

What most people don’t know is the fact that Calvin Klein opened a coat store in 1968. It was in the 1970s-80s when Calvin Klein decided to enter the innerwear market and transform it completely. Calvin Klein is one of the biggest underwear fashion brands of today.

In the last few years, it has also expanded to perfumes, workwear, home furnishing, and much more. By presenting several renowned celebrities as their brand ambassadors, Calvin Klein keeps winning more of their customer’s points as well as hearts.

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