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Photo by Ayesha White on Unsplash

Top No Stress Tips for a Simple First Birthday Party

What is more exciting than the first birthday of a little boy or girl? There is bound to be lots of excitement, and anticipation, along with the decorations! Oh, the decorations, like balloons, streamers, Happy Birthday signs, and more! Let’s also not forget the party food and treats! Everything to make a first birthday party perfect for the first-time celebrant!

It can be a lot of work with the planning, organization, and ultimately all involved with putting such an important event together. However, it doesn’t have to be that much work or hiring kids’ birthday party planners can take away the stress. Whether it is going to be a virtual event or a small get-together for the closest of family and friends, it can be quite the opposite. Below are a few ideas to help keep it simple and still put together the best first birthday party ever!

Choose a Theme

When choosing a theme for your little one, keep it as simple as possible. Does she like rainbows or Minnie Mouse? Does he like trucks or the Wonder Pets? When you’re working with a specific theme, shopping and decorating become that much easier because you know exactly what you are looking for. You can find everything you need for a theme party online at a Party Supplies store.

Treats for your Guests

Every birthday party has a variety of treats for the guests to indulge in. Along with those chips and crackers, which can safely come in individually snack-sized packages for your guests to choose from, you can also include birthday gift baskets filled with individually wrapped treats! Gourmet popcorn, cookies, brownies, and candy, are among the many delicious goodies that will delight your party guests and the birthday celebrant! A gift basket also makes a great decoration or centerpiece! 

The Birthday Cake

Birthday cake
Image by Denise Husted from Pixabay

Is there possibly anything more important than the birthday cake? A well-known tradition lets the first birthday celebrant dive into their birthday cake after singing happy birthday and blowing out that festive number one birthday candle! Although it’s a lot of fun for the birthday boy or girl, it’s also messy, and did I mention messy? Of course, there should be a birthday cake, but there is an alternative to that messy dive. Have a small, individual cake or a cupcake made simply for the birthday celebrant, and the party birthday cake can be cut and shared by all! Candy’s Cupcakes also have a cake in a jar and photo upload cupcakes that would be perfect alternatives. You can even make your own special cake for your child.

Party Games

Who knows of the best games to play at a birthday party? The kids do, of course! If there will be other kids at the gathering for your little one’s first birthday party, let them tell you what games are fun for them to do together. They may enjoy classic games like a hot potato or freeze dance. Or, they may prefer board games or cards, depending on their ages and interests. Let them help you develop a party agenda that will keep everyone engaged, including your little one!

Don’t Forget to Plan for the Nap

If your little one still takes a nap, like many children do at the age of one-year-old, be sure to schedule the festivities around their usual nap time. You’ll want your little one to enjoy their first birthday party and share in happy tears, not grumpy, tired tears. Everyone will have a wonderful time when the birthday boy or girl is well-rested and ready to share in the festivities of their first birthday party!

Designate Picture Taking to an Individual Photographer

Whether you elect to hire a professional photographer or have a friend or family member take pictures of your little one’s first birthday party, keep it simple and designate an individual photographer for the event. Having too many people taking pictures can create a chaotic and overwhelming scene for your little one, and turn those party giggles and that happy birthday party smile quickly into a frown and many birthday tears. Modern technology makes it easy to share pictures, so enjoy the moment and share the pictures later.

Celebrate Briefly

Less is always more when celebrating with younger children. Sure, they love the decorations, the music, the festivities, chips, treats, cake, and party games, but too much stimulus for any young child can change their mood from cheerful and content to irritable and cranky. Limit the celebration to 2 or so hours at the most. This will allow your little birthday boy or girl to laugh, eat, play, and create valuable memories with their friends, family, and loved ones. Your little celebrant will truly enjoy and make the absolute most of their first birthday celebration!

Featured Photo by Ayesha White on Unsplash