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Top Tips to Declutter Your Garden

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Your garden should be a space that you can enjoy all year round. It is an extension of your home that can be used to dine with your friends and family and even grow your own vegetables. Unfortunately, enjoying your outdoor space can seem out of reach if it has been neglected. With the right knowledge, you can declutter your garden, and before you know it, you can enjoy your breakfast in the sun, read a book in your lounge chair, or play in the pool with your children. 

If your garden seems worse for wear, here are some top tips to help you declutter your garden and create the space of your dreams. 

#1 Create a plan

If the job is a big one, it is important to create a plan to guide your focus. Tackling the mess in the garden can be a little overwhelming and demotivating at times, and a plan can keep you on track. Think about what time you have to dedicate to decluttering your garden when you can make time to declutter, what resources you will need to help you, and what support you can enlist from friends and family. You may wish to create a list of the parts of your garden that you will tackle. You can also get your children involved if it is safe enough to do so. 

#2 Start with storage 

If you have a shed or a garage, it is good to start there. If you don’t already have a shed or garage there are mean companies that can provide one such as Tassie Sheds Hobart. This will help you get the biggest job out of the way and help you to see how much storage space you have as you clear out the rest of the garden. 

Start by getting rid of everything you don’t want or no longer use. If you have intact items, you may wish to prepare a separate box of items that you can sell or donate to charity. You can then go through the rest of your items and organize them accordingly. Make sure everything has a space to live. 

#3 Tackle the clutter in the garden

If your garden is filled with clutter, your next job should be to work around it with a bin liner. Start by getting rid of the rubbish, debris, broken items, and dead plants and trees. You can then tidy up the remaining items. If you have gardening tools and personal belongings, you can store them in the clear space in your shed or garage. If you have children’s toys, you may wish to invest in a children’s toy box. You can then use the clutter-free space to de-weed your garden and mow the lawn. Don’t forget to clean up after the dog.

If you feel overwhelmed with de-cluttering your garden, you can seek help from professionals like Progressive Lawn & Landscaping to safely and efficiently get the job done. They can also help you create a garden design that complements your home and lifestyle, making it a beautiful outdoor space where you’ll enjoy spending time.

#4 Create a nice space

Once you have cleared up the clutter in an organized way, you should be able to see how you want your garden to look so you can add the finishing touches. Consider what plants and shrubs you would like around your garden to add color and interest. You can also install decking from Deck Guardian – Top Deck Builder to place your garden furniture on and enjoy outdoor dining with your family. Make it your own by adding any other features that spark your interest. 

Follow these steps to declutter your garden and make it a space that you can enjoy.

Featured Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels