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6 Tips to Keep Your Stockings Full and Stress Levels Low

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The festive season usually spells family, fun, food and more often than not, stress! The air outside is cold and the lights shine bright, all the better for you to read your endless shopping lists under. But it’s hard enough trying to keep track of the kids without having to navigate the throngs of holiday shoppers outside. So here are some tips to keeping your stockings full without breaking your head or the bank!

  1.    Gift Baskets: You’ve probably walked past five different boutiques with excessively extravagant gift baskets in their window already, and quickened your pace on seeing the price tag attached. But you can actually split that price five ways by buying one and taking it apart to create multiple smaller packages complete with extra tinsel and that secret stash of leftover Halloween candy… Genius, I know…
  2.    Shop online: If you aren’t doing the bulk of your shopping online already, you really need to reevaluate your strategy. The internet is flooded this time of the year, with discounts and advent calendars. Using comparison shopping sites makes it easier to find the best deals to cash in on! Even accessories are not off the table with websites like offering a virtual try-on feature. You can have all your gifts bought and wrapped without the hassle of parking or retrieving kids-gone-missing!DIY gifts
  3.    DIY gifts: The best way to manage the half-hourly ‘I’m bored’  complaints from little ones stuck indoors, is to keep them engaged in some classic arts & craft fun. Just gather up all the old vases & coffee mugs, lay down some old newspapers and bring out the ceramic paints. The kids hands will be kept messy and full, while yours are securely wrapped around a wine glass (bottle). For minimal investment, your kids will have gifts so personal they’re guaranteed to earn them a sentimental ‘awwww’ from every receiver.
  4.    Edibles: No, unfortunately not that kind. Though walking in to any room, anytime, with an iced Plum cake or golden Pumpkin Pie is sure to make you the family’s favourite. Also, baked goods are a testament to time and thought having been invested. Line up a bunch of Mason Jars and bring the kids in to help decorate the cookies or gingerbread for an fun and productive session of family bonding. After all, that is what the holidays are about.
  5. Secret Santa: Have all the friends and family who already know Santa’s secret, play Secret Santa. Kids clothes and toys can be so expensive as it is, and this is a great way to save on having to spend extra on those obligatory gifts for the parents, that no one really needs. Besides, who doesn’t love a little mystery in their lives?
  6.    Pretend you missed the dinner party invite and are now ‘otherwise engaged’… Make sure the kids are audible but your Netflix is on mute when making the apologetic phone call. With all the screams in the background, they’ll only be sympathetic for you and maybe a little relieved. And trust me, some extra down-time at home will do wonders for your wellbeing… Hot cocoa too!

Happy holidays and you’re most welcome!

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