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Traditional Czech Desserts That You Must Try

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Czech food in all its glory is spicy, creamy, and meaty. The traditional food is bound to make you feel satiated and happy. Czech cuisine is highly versatile and has a broad flavor palette. The cuisine explores various meats and textures. From creamy to textured charred meats, there is a plethora of variety. 

It is common to crave a sugary sweet delight after a heavy and scrumptious meal. The Czech cuisine checks that box as well, with a comprehensive menu of desserts in the arsenal. There is nothing better than enjoying a savory dessert after the beef goulash with some Knedliky bread followed by a pint of beer. 

Czech desserts look and taste the part. It makes it hard for one to choose the dessert they want from a vast menu of various icings, flavors, and toppings. The most popular of the deserts is Czech Kolache. 

The Kolache is enjoyed worldwide and comes in different flavors and fillings. These tasty pastries are filled with fruits or cheese and sometimes even meat wrapped in yeast dough. If you like cooking and baking, you can easily follow this Kolache recipe and make one at home. 

It can be challenging to choose the dessert of choice from the vast rows of pastries, cakes, and cookies alike. 

So, here are some of the best traditional Czech desserts that you must try. 

1. Fruit Dumplings

When you think of dumplings, you think of Asian dumplings filled with meat. These sweet fruit dumplings are unlike anything you have ever had. These are stuffed with warm jam and are easy to munch on. You can get the fruit dumpling with almost any fruit filling, but the popular and traditional choice remains plum, apricot, and peach. 

2. Trdelnik

The tasty dessert can be easily found in most street stalls and cafes. It is a staple dessert that people also enjoy as a snack, as you can enjoy this dessert on the go. The Trdelnik is simply grilled dough on a stick topped with powdered sugar and is often served with additional toppings such as cinnamon. 

These are the most convenient Czech desserts one can enjoy. This dessert goes splendidly well with a glass of wine after dinner. 

3. Buchty

It is a breakfast staple that you can easily find in local cafes and bakeries. Buchty is a soft fluffy tested bun filled with different kinds of sweet ingredients. Most people enjoy it as a weekend breakfast delight to start their day on the right note. 

The common fillings for Butchty are citrus-flavored fruits and homemade jams. Like most Czech delicacies, Buchty has traveled across the borders and gained popularity throughout Eastern Europe. Also, this sugary delight has a unique shape that makes it easily recognizable amongst rows of desserts. 

4. Medovnik Cake

This is a popular delicacy of the capital Prague but is enjoyed across the country. It is a traditional honey cake that is often exchanged amongst family and friends on special occasions. The whole trend of honey cake started in the middle ages when a barrel of honey was given as dowry in Eastern Europe. 

The honey Medovnik cake can be stored for an extended time owing to its ingredients and the way it is made. Modern variations of the desert have a variety of icings other than honey.

5. Knedliky

These are traditional slices of bread made with many ingredients. This most basic, non-flavored version of bread is enjoyed with other soupy dishes. However, the sweet and savory knedliky bread is often filled with fruits like apricots, blueberries, and plums. This dessert is usually made with flour, but Knedliky is made with potato dough in some variations. 

6. Kolache

The Czech Kolache is available worldwide and has introduced the world to Czech cuisine. It is a popular choice to eat Kolache with coffee for breakfast in many parts of the world. 

Photo by Vitezslav Vylicil from Pexels

While the Kolache is also available with meat fillings, traditionally, the Kolache is filled with sweet fillings of fruits and homemade jams in a slice of soft bread. It is easy to make a Kolache, and even if you are new to making desserts, you can easily look up a Kolache recipe online and make them yourself. 

7. Misa

This is a sixty-year-old recipe by food technologist Eva Marnounová. She made this summer popsicle by combining quark cheese with cream, wrapping it off with a layer of dark chocolate, and then freezing it. 

You will find the brand of the popsicle in almost every store. Cezch people like the popsicle owing to its acidic flavor and the sense of nostalgia it brings them. 

These desserts in Czech cuisine are a delight to eat and are enjoyed around the world. So don’t miss out on a chance to taste any of these desserts.