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With four girls who are quickly approaching the age of driving, I think about safety and what it will feel like to send them out on the road often. (And truthfully, this is one of the biggest catalysts of our upcoming move, because we just can’t imagine our girls driving the mountain roads regularly as new drivers!)

This month is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and this article about teenage drivers both terrifies me (car accidents are the leading cause of death in 16 and 17 year olds?) and gives practical tips for reducing distractions.

Of course, distracted driving isn’t just a teenage problem. We’ve all driven down the highway next to someone texting, applying makeup or having an especially animated conversation with their passenger. And every time we’re in the car, the lure of texts and emails and even our GPS apps poses a potential risk.

That’s why is actually one of the safest option for long-haul travel, giving you a chance to catch up on email, reading, or homework (for college students heading home for break!) while you ride.

As the leader in green and safe travel, has…

  • Invested in a $1.5M central support system to monitor all bus activity in real time, including a SmartTire alert system, speeding alerts, real time and GPS tracking.
  • Put seatbelts in all buses, surpassing current federal safety requirements.
  • Instituted a policy requiring two drivers on each bus between 12 and 5 a.m.
  • Added GreenRoad Eco-Driving Technology to give drivers the information, tools and motivation they need to drive safer by detecting risky acceleration, braking, lane changing, cornering, and speeding and helping drivers self correct.

I especially love this idea for college students driving too and from school for holiday breaks, but what I’d really like to do is reserve my own 4-hour bus drive to ride around in silence without kids or cleaning to worry about, LOL!

Head to now to review routes and prices for your next trip.

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