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Types of Household Appliances and their Advantages

Our home appliance service and repair experts have reviewed the different types of appliances that currently exist. Here we present a complete selection of the different types of household appliances that you can find today in the market, reviewing their main characteristics. Read on to find out what types of appliances exist.

Household Appliances:

We all know what the electric appliance repair services that we put in a kitchen are: refrigerator, oven, microwave, but when installing them or because of their aesthetics, we distinguish them into three types:

  • Insight: They are independent and can be placed anywhere (that meets the installation needs) and can be found in different colors, although it is normal that we find them in white or steel gray.
  • Integrated: The difference with the first is that they do not have an exterior part. That is, they must be integrated into the kitchen furniture.
  • Panels: They are a middle ground between the two previous options since they have a part that is integrated into the kitchen furniture, but the control panels come to life. However, it is an option that is used less since the integrated ones are more popular and obtain better aesthetic results, and there is not so much variety.

Brown Line Appliances

Smart TV
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Although the classifications of appliances are not strict, and we can find some that can be framed in several of these options, the truth is that there are some classifications or different types of appliances. First of all, we find the brown line appliances. These appliances are characterized by being intended for leisure and are usually multimedia appliances. Within this classification, we can find traditional televisions and smart TVs. In addition, televisions, audio players, radios, stereos, or mini-chains are also part of the brown line appliances.

Devices intended for video playback such as DVDs, Blu-rays, or VHS are also brown line appliances (although currently they are only used by collectors or the most nostalgic). Also, brown line appliances are all kinds of video game platforms such as gaming computers or video game consoles. Likewise, the rest of the PCs and MACs are within this classification. Home Cinema and all kinds of telephone systems are also part of this type of electrical appliance.

White Goods

Washing machine
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On the other hand, we find white goods. These appliances are mainly characterized by being the classic appliances for the home, which, as the fix appliances near me experts at have explained to us, can be both appliances for the kitchen and those for washing clothes or cleaning the home, among other functions. We would find as examples washing machines and dryers, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, and other practical refrigeration devices at a general level, as well as extractor hoods.

In addition, although the classifications, as we indicated in the previous point, may vary, air conditioners, heaters, electric stoves for homes, and other types of air conditioning and ventilation devices for the household would also form part of the white goods home.

These are “customary” unique appliance repairs. The first options that everyone thinks of when we talk about electrical appliances since they were the first alternatives were invented to make life much easier.

Gray Line Appliances

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Likewise, we also find gray line appliances. Although it could also be part of white goods, it is a type of device that is classified separately because they are computer accessories or peripheral accessories. Many experts also include computers among the gray line appliances, especially if we are talking about laptops. The differences between some types of home appliances are small, and so are their classifications.

Within the gray line of household appliances, we would find printers, FAX systems, laptop computers, and sometimes desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones, and smartphones. In this way, it is a line of household appliances very similar to the brown line, but with some small differences that have led to establishing two different lines of household appliances to distinguish them.

Small Appliances

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Finally, we find among the different types of household appliances small household appliances, also popularly called PAE. It is a group of household appliance repairs whose main characteristics are that they are devices in the home and that we use more and more in a world that is becoming especially more technological every day. Among the main appliances that are part of this classification, we find all the small devices in the home or office that can be used to perform personal tasks or household tasks and razors, hair clippers, and hair straighteners, hairdryers, or electric curlers.

Espresso machines, capsule machines, electric machines, mono-dose machines, mini-size ovens, grills, griddles, barbecues, juicers, mixers, food processors, blenders, coffee machines are also small appliances: American glasses, toasters, deep fryers, or sandwich makers. Likewise, ironing accessories, irons, ironing centers, vertical irons, manual vacuum cleaners, automatic vacuum cleaners, or robot vacuum cleaners are also part of this classification.

On the other hand, glass cleaners, robot mops, electric cleaning systems for pets, and other types of electric cleaning devices for the home would also be part of this classification of small appliances and other kitchen accessories such as electric grinders. Grinders for coffee beans and similar tools with specific functions are designed to make our home life or our different culinary facets easier.

Advantages Types of Household Appliances:


We can choose between the different designs to highlight that detail in our kitchen and thus play with the decoration. In addition, they are independent, so you can install it practically anywhere. Although one of the biggest advantages is that they are cheaper since their installation is easier.


It can help us make better use of the space in small kitchens since we can incorporate it into the furniture. Also, that minimalist aspect will give us a uniform vision of the room. Unlike the independent ones, it is very easy to clean them since we do not have holes in which dirt is stored. Finally, they are especially suitable for rustic kitchens since we can “hide” the technology so that it does not break our natural aesthetics.


The advantages are the same as those of built-in appliances. The only main difference is that while the former is kept completely hidden, they are only partially hidden, leaving the control panel in view.

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