Organize Your Email with Google Priority Inbox

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source: Lars Kristian Flem

Is there anything that Google cannot achieve?

Well, maybe organizing my Gmail Inbox which is a mess of newsletters, Facebook notifications and things I care about, is asking for too much — right?

Wrong! And…this is one of those few times that I’m happy to be wrong.

Google recently unveiled a new tool to aid in flooded/swamped/overwhelmed/jam-packed inboxes the world over: Priority Inbox.

It pretty much does what it says. More specifically, Priority Inbox creates a safe space for the emails that you want to be able to see clearly – with content that directly applies to you. Photos from the grandchildren, a wedding announcement from cousin Joe and countless other emails that you usually are quick on a response since you actually want to reply. The best part of the system is that it constantly learns and adapts with the more emails you get. Of course, Google has an even more creative way to explain this concept to you — check it out:

Now before you throw this aside as another Google invention that you may or may not use (e.g. Google Wave, Google Buzz), try it out for a week. If you usually skip over those Facebook emails and the information from that cat lover’s forum that you haven’t been to in a while — this may be the tool for you!

Editor’s Note: And you may find that it’s time to actually unsubscribe from a lot of the things that end up in the low-priority space to simplify your inbox altogether!

Have you tried Gmail Priority Inbox yet? What do you think?