Use Windows Hotkeys to Save Time + Free Printable

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windows hotkeys

I’m a huge fan of hotkeys, text expanders and other shortcuts that help you get more done in less time!

If you’re a Windows user, there’s a ton of hotkeys built right into the system! I’ve listed them below and included a free cheat sheet that you can download and print. It prints four to a page so you can share them and be someone’s hero!

  • ctrl+c :: copy selected text
  • ctrl+v :: paste copied text
  • ctrl+x :: cut selected text
  • ctrl+z :: undo last action
  • ctrl+y :: redo last action
  • ctrl+a :: select everything in a window
  • shift+arrow keys :: select text, files, etc.
  • ctrl+shift+arrow keys :: select words/paragraphs
  • alt+F4 :: close current window
  • alt+tab :: cycle through open windows
  • Windows key :: open start menu
  • Windows+m :: minimize all windows
  • Windows+f :: find files/programs
  • Windows+l :: log off/lock computer
  • tab :: go to the next button/field
  • shift+tab :: go backwards thru buttons/fields
  • ctrl+home :: go to the beginning of a line/doc
  • ctrl+end :: go to the end of a line/doc
  • ctrl+p :: print the current page/doc
  • ctrl+o :: open a file
  • ctrl+s :: save the current file
  • ctrl+n :: new window/document

Click here download or print the Windows Hotkey Cheat Sheet.

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