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Use Windows Hotkeys to Save Time + Free Printable

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I’m a huge fan of hotkeys, text expanders, and other shortcuts that help you get more done in less time! Windows Hotkeys saves so much time by pressing a few keys than moving the mouse to the menu at the top of the screen and trying to remember where the function that you want to do is located. Of course, you can right-click your mouse for a list of functions that can be done at the location of your cursor. For me, it is quicker to press CTRL+C to copy and CTRL-V to paste what I just copied to the new location.

If you’re a Windows user, there’s a ton of hotkeys built right into the system! I’ve listed them below and included a free cheat sheet that you can download and print. It prints four to a page so you can share them and be someone’s hero!

Short list:

  • ctrl+c :: copy selected text
  • ctrl+v :: paste copied text
  • ctrl+x :: cut selected text
  • ctrl+z :: undo last action
  • ctrl+y :: redo last action
  • ctrl+a :: select everything in a window
  • shift+arrow keys :: select text, files, etc.
  • ctrl+shift+arrow keys :: select words/paragraphs
  • alt+F4 :: close current window
  • alt+tab :: cycle through open windows
  • Windows key :: open start menu
  • Windows+m :: minimize all windows
  • Windows+f :: find files/programs
  • Windows+l :: log off/lock computer
  • tab :: go to the next button/field
  • shift+tab :: go backwards thru buttons/fields
  • ctrl+home :: go to the beginning of a line/doc
  • ctrl+end :: go to the end of a line/doc
  • ctrl+p :: print the current page/doc
  • ctrl+o :: open a file
  • ctrl+s :: save the current file
  • ctrl+n :: new window/document

Click here download or print the Windows Hotkey Cheat Sheet.

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