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Using Evernote to Eliminate Back-to-School Clutter

The following post is from Lauren Rothlisberger of Get Me Geeky:

How to Use Evernote to Eliminate Back-to-School Clutter at

Back-to-school means back to lots and lots and lots of paper. Whether your kids are little or big they all seem to come with a whole lot of clutter. I think the beginning of school is the worst of it all. Go to one back to school night and you will be weighed down with a tree’s worth of information. The problem is, you don’t really want to just chuck all that stuff, because you might need to reference it at some point. Unfortunately, it takes up so much space and is such a pain to sort through. Here is another example of Evernote saving the day!

A very short list of things you want to consider putting into Evernote include, but are not limited to:
*More about setting up all your notebooks up below.

School Calendars

Now I like to put all the major holidays, early releases, etc on my working calendar (I use iCal), however, there are other calendars that get sent home too. For example, my preschooler gets a calendar showing what letter and number they are working on for the week. I just snap a quick picture and store it in Evernote. That way I can always be sure to ask her questions pertaining to the information she is learning.

School Handbook

Every school now has a handbook. And while I do not always do the obligatory read through, at least a couple times a year I need to reference it. Those times also seem to come when I am not at home with access to a paper version. I just stick it in the multi-page portion of the scanner and save it for later. Quick tip before you scan, check your school’s website. A lot of schools already have a digital copy for you online.


Now I LOVE to see what special project comes home, but I can not even imagine holding on to all this. So I only save the best of the best and save the rest in that child’s Evernote folder.

Field Trips

Field trips are great fun for kids, and can be fun for parents, but unfortunately we can’t make them all. I don’t know about you, but once I sign that permission slip I can’t seem to remember a thing about it. Best to take a quick pic and save it, just in case you need to check back in with the details on field trip day.

Class Schedule

As your kids get older and their school day gets more complex, it is nice to have a record of what they are up to every day. Put your kid’s class schedule in Evernote.

Teacher Communication

Sometimes parents and teachers need to communicate one-on-one about something going on in the classroom. If you feel compelled to keep a record of this, create a notebook and simply forward all those emails to it.

**Extra Credit: Start teaching your older kids to use their own Evernote account to track and manage their school work.
This just covers SOME of the clutter that you have to manage throughout the school year. Now that you see what you can put in Evernote, lets dig a little deeper to see how to organize it.

If you are not set up in Evernote, and need a little help getting started, check out my ebook, “A Mom’s Guide to Evernote“.

Notebook set up is always subject to personal preference. But if you need a little guidance, the below diagram is the way I recommend setting up your school information. It divides it into two categories, general school info and kid specific school info. This way if you have more than one child at the same school you are not putting repeat information into each of their personal folders.

Do you have recommendations or another way to set up school notebooks?

Lauren Rothlisberger blogs and consults over at Get Me Geeky. As a military wife and mom of three girls five years old and under, she loves focusing on technology and productivity and finding new ways to simplify her life. She recently started putting together MacMinis, which are easy to follow videos for Mac users, and also wrote an ebook, Evernote for Moms.