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my baby herb garden, just starting to grow

Using Herbs in Food, as Nutritional Supplements and for Healing

indoor herb garden
my windowsill herb garden, just starting to grow

Okay, confession time (I seem to be making a lot of confessions lately…): until recently, I rarely — okay, never — thought about or used herbs for anything. Even when a recipe called for a fresh herb, I would simply substitute dried and hope it worked out.

However, as we’ve been focusing more on cooking from scratch, using healthy ingredients, eliminating toxins from our home and more, I’ve been thinking about herbs a lot more, not just for cooking but also for their health benefits and healing properties.

It’s pretty cool to me that God has provided so many natural remedies at our fingertips. While I have a lot of respect for doctors and medical advances, I love the idea of starting with the most natural remedy rather than the man-made one.

As with any new topic, learning about herbs can feel very overwhelming. There are terms & phrases to learn, differing opinions among “experts” and users, and — at least for me — a fear of making the wrong decision.

For that reason, I’m so thankful to have discovered Bulk Herb Store, a new Life Your Way advertiser. Not only do they sell just about every herb you can imagine, but they also provide a wealth of information, including (but definitely not limited to):

  • The health benefits and healing properties of raw honey
  • The many uses for…dandelion
  • Boost your brain power with cinnamon
  • Favorite herbal home remedies
  • Complete guide to cooking with herbs
  • And more…

I’ve seen over the past year that the changes that last the longest are the ones we make slowly and carefully, so I’ll be reading and learning more and trying new things little by little.

Our family was hit hard by illness this last year, and my hope is that I’ll be better prepared to use herbal remedies for prevention and healing by next winter!

The first change we’ll be making — because it’s been on my list for a while now to learn more about and I’m especially convinced after reading the article from Bulk Herb Store — is raw honey.

Whether you’re a newbie like me, just looking for more information on herbal remedies, or someone already using herbs regularly, Bulk Herb Store has what you need. Find books, seeds, bulk herbs, accessories and more! They’ve also recently launched the Herban Earth brand of fair trade bags and scarves made from 100% Lao silk.

Do you use herbal remedies at home? What herb or spice are you currently learning more about?