Using Pinterest to Reinvigorate Your Meal Plan


Yep, I’m talking about Pinterest again, this time on the Plan to Eat blog as I share how I use it to get inspiration for our meal plan:

Like most families, we often find ourselves in a meal planning rut. The process isn’t the problem since we use Plan to Eat, but because my husband is picky and has passed some of that on to three out of our four girls, finding new recipes can be a challenge, and we end up eating the same meals over and over and over, ad nauseum.

Enter Pinterest.

What I love about Pinterest is you can browse recent pins to see what other people are pinning or search for specific keywords to find what you’re looking for.

Just by watching what other people are pinning, I’ve discovered a ton of recipe inspiration, including Jamie Oliver’s Macaroni and Cauliflower Cheese Bake and this Super Simple Cucumber Salad.

Food blogs are great, and I get a lot of inspiration from them, but it tends to be quality over quantity since food bloggers can only post so many recipes a week and I can only read through so many at a time. Pinterest makes it easy to browse hundreds of ideas at a time, though…kind of like flipping through the pages of a magazine until a picture grabs my attention.

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