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Using Technology to Improve Efficiency in the Workplace

source: Tim Patterson

In group office environments, wasted time and energy can cost a company a lot of money as they add up over time, and as I learned while studying for my degree, the purpose of business management is to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

These days, technology can address many of the time sucks that are commonly found in offices and work environments to help companies take control of their time and improve efficiency:

  • Use a label printer like the DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo to print address labels and postage and avoid wasting time at the post office.
  • Scan paper documents using a scanner like the NeatDesk desktop scanner to create computer file systems rather than paper archives.
  • Create a company intranet so employees can easily share files.
  • Work with live collaborative tools like Google Docs so that multiple people can work on a project together rather than emailing multiple versions of a document back and forth.
  • Collect data using electronic forms so that it can be organized and complied quickly.
  • Use instant messaging so people don’t have to leave their desk, pick up the phone or go office to office.
  • Connect using WebEx or other teleconferencing platforms for meetings when attendees are in different states or even countries.

How do you use technology to improve your efficiency and productivity?

DYMO sent me one of their handy LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbos, which makes it easy to print address labels and postage right from my computer! Because we live in the boonies and work from home, being able to print postage at home is a huge time saver, and it can provide the same benefits for a busy office.