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Ways a To-Do List Will Help You Do More

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I’m a compulsive list maker and you should be too!

Keeping a to-do list will make you more productive, efficient, organized and successful in all aspects of your life. Whether you need to keep track of your kids’ schedules, go grocery shopping or juggle work projects – a list will do wonders.

I’m a TV producer and I multi-task everyday and without a to-do list – I’d be lost.

I make a list before I leave work every night. Even if I’m running late for an appointment – I always make the list.  I run through the following day in my head and jot down everything that needs to get done. When I come in the next morning I take out my list and get right to work.  Easy, right? It’s a very simple task but the returns are immense.

Here are some ways that a to-do list will help you do more:

1. Makes Remembering Easy:

When you lead a busy life you’re responsible for many tasks and it’s easy to forget something here or there.  But having a list is a way to map it all out in front of you.

It’s much easier to tackle these projects if you keep them in one place.  That way you won’t forget anything.  As you remember things – write it on your list. Not having to remember to remember things will reduce stress and help you get more done.

2. Keeps Important Details Together:

If you keep a notebook with all your to-do lists together then you won’t have to search around looking for information.  This will help you save time and be much more efficient.

3. Keeps Your Focus:

As the day goes on it’s very easy to get distracted between phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, new projects and visitors.  But if you have a to-do list in front of you – you won’t lose your place.

You can always refer back to it and remember what you were doing before you were interrupted.  I also like to make notes if I get sidetracked so I can pickup where I left off.

4. Helps You Be Prepared:

I hate running out of items at home.  It only takes forgetting to buy toilet paper once to not make that mistake again!  But if you jot down all the things you need to get at the grocery store or drug store as you run out of them then you’ll be prepared when they are all gone.

5. Visual Pat on the Back:

A to-do list is a nice reminder of all the things you’ve accomplished for the day.  It’s a visual pat on the back when you see all those items crossed off. Even if you don’t finish everything on your to-do list it’s a nice reminder that you have a full day ahead of you tomorrow too.

Paula Rizzo is the Senior Health Producer for and founder of  She’s an Emmy Award winner and attributes much of her success to her compulsive list making.  She makes a list about just about anything and started to help others become more organized, focused and efficient while being less stressed.