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Writing Therapy: Ways of Becoming Successful Freelancer When You Are on Maternity Leave

If you are looking for ways of becoming a caring mother and successful freelancer, you have found the recipe for happiness.

Nowadays, freelancing is taking over the world, becoming more and more popular among all members of society, not only new moms. Such a phenomenon can be easily explained – freelancing gives more advantages compared with a traditional kind of working in the office. Mainly, a possibility to work anywhere on Earth can be included in such benefits. Moreover, the freelancing does not set any limits – you are free to work at several companies and at whatever time you want. At the same time, your salary can be higher than the average wage of the population. Sounds like a perfect job for women who are on maternity leave, does not it?

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It is not surprising that many people prefer this kind of work and become freelancers. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. Freelancing requires a lot of skills and knowledge that could be applied in many spheres. That is why so many people suffer a repulse – they are just not aware of how to manage all the practical tasks before meeting a deadline and deal with a vast abundance of complicated practical issues. Moreover, new moms have problems with scheduling their time since it is difficult to find a balance between household chores, taking care of the baby, and work. But do not despair in advance – everything is in your hands. This article will cover the key points of a successful freelancer that can help you to achieve the desired results.

Write Papers to Be Devoted to Becoming Successful Freelancer

First of all, you need to comprehend the whole process of freelancing – what does it imply? How many hours per day do you have to work? What are your responsibilities? These and many other questions have to be answered in the most understandable way. Otherwise, you will not be able to cope with all the practical issues that may fall on your shoulders.

The best way to succeed in this task is to appeal to writing therapy. Writing therapy is considered a critical method of analyzing all complicated issues. Apart from the left-brain contribution to the writing process, this method also possesses the features of developing art skills. The principle of this method is elementary – you just need to take a clean sheet of paper and write down your thoughts about freelancing.

It should be mentioned that writing therapy is also a great way to deal with any kind of stress, depression, anxiety, or tiredness during maternity leave. Just write your way out of problems and approach them with a different perspective while mastering the key skills for a freelance job. It is not about writing a dissertation, so you do not need to google “essay writer cheap” (if one day you will have the need, now you know where to look).

So, what are the rules? Take a piece of paper and a pen and get started. It would be beneficial if you could specify your notes: describe a job position that you would like to get and cover all the details which would accompany you during freelancing. And remember that there are fundamental rules that are essential if you have decided to become a freelancer. They are mentioned below.

Choose a Freelance Writing Niche

This is one of the most important things you will do to succeed in freelance writing. The niche is just a fancy word for the area you are specialized in as an author. It is what helps you to stand out to potential customers. For instance, your niche is writing about upcoming events in a cultural sphere or food blog. So, you need to promote your expertise in that area rather than marketing yourself as a general freelance essay writer. It will help you compete with writers who have more professional experience than you do. Every client is looking for a writer who specializes in the exact type of content they need.

Be Always in Touch

If your work is connected to providing services, you have to remember that customers are different. For someone, it is easier to call you and clarify whether you are ready to take an order, for someone, it is easier to communicate via email, and for someone – online chat is the best means of communication. The critical point is to be in touch at any time. By the way, it is beneficial for freelancers as well: if there are questions from customers, they can immediately answer – it saves time and reduces the likelihood of misunderstanding.

Nevertheless, being always in touch does not mean going beyond common sense. All additional work must be paid for. On the one hand, it is one thing if you are asked to correct your own mistakes (the human factor, it can happen sometimes). But on the other hand, it is quite the opposite issue when the customer asks you to do additional work and the salary remains fixed. By the way, if you have done such kind of correction without further payment, the customer will take this as a rule. In this case, you have to politely negotiate with each client and discuss the terms of cooperation before starting working.

Take Urgent Tasks

Let us imagine you are working as a remote translator. The client remembered that he needed a translation and Google Translate was not an option. “This is a job for super-translators!” – That is! It works for those who take the order and calm down the client. Yes, these orders are unpleasant to do – often, there is not enough time to sit down and think over the translation. You have to work quickly, but such a project will recommend you as a person who is ready to help in emergencies. I hope that the key point is quite understandable – you have to be prepared for any urgent tasks if you want to succeed in freelancing!

Gather Reviews


It is useful to collect positive feedback and recommendations from important customers so that they can be shown to others. Do not be afraid to ask customers about this – it is a common practice. Now such online reviews have become an essential criterion while choosing a freelancer.

Before making an order, many customers read information about the freelancer, thus the presence of positive feedback, especially from well-known companies, will always play in your favor. And do not hesitate to talk about your achievements in social networks.

Fortunately, negative feedback is a much rarer phenomenon: usually, companies are not inclined to provide negative reviews in public – they will stop cooperating with such freelancers.

Listen to the Client

Every freelancer should learn to be resistant to negativity. I know, it is hard to be rational when it comes to criticism (notably, on maternity leave), but if the client is dissatisfied with the work, the matter is not always in work itself. Do not despair and calm down the customer and then try to understand what exactly you have done wrong. Calmness is the faithful companion of professionalism. If you are not aware of this notion, you have to listen to a couple of TED Talks and find out many useful materials which will help you to master the art of calmness.

The claims are mainly related to the quality of work. The freelancer is working remotely – there are always questions about the needed format of work. Remember, if two people discuss the quality of the work, they will have different opinions. Therefore, you have to be ready to respond to the customer’s questions.


Learn new – do not be afraid of technology and new services. The skills of working with professional software will allow you to cope with tasks qualitatively and quickly. Not only technology tools can help in self-development but the experience of other freelancers could be beneficial as well. For instance, if you are working as a writer, do not hesitate to ask professionals to write a short essay for you – this example could serve as an element of comparison (whether you could cope with the task better or not).

Also, you have to improve your qualifications – follow the news of your industry, communicate with experts, attend professional conferences, participate in webinars and seminars. To put it simply, stay updated to be competitive.

Maternity leave is not an excuse. It is the best time for your personal growth as well as the growth of your baby.

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