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Ways to encourage your kids to give all year {101 Days of Christmas}

Ways to Encourage Kids to Give All Year

Now that Christmas Day has come and gone, one of my goals for our girls is that they would continue to think about and look for ways to give all year long. Our experience buying farm animals from the World Vision Gift Catalog was so good that I want to keep the momentum going and not just set it aside until the next holiday season. While Sean and I give regularly, I’m not always good at involving the girls, and I want to do better at that in 2015.

Here are three simple ways to keep the focus on giving throughout the year with World Vision:

1. Sponsor a child

We’ve sponsored children around the world for years and years, but now that our big girls are older, this has become special for them as well. They know we sponsor these children, and they’re each paired with a child so that they can write letters back and forth (or, more accurately, our girls write emails, since we’re no good at keeping stamps or getting things to the post office!). Hearing the stories firsthand from the girls we sponsor about how that money makes a difference in their lives has been really eye-opening for them, and I think it’s been a great way to see the personal side of giving even though they’re not giving their own money each month.

2. Give monthly to a special project

World Vision doesn’t just do child sponsorships, though. Through the gift catalog, you can also choose one time gifts or monthly giving opportunities for things like the clean water fund, child education fund and monthly micro loans. For a family who doesn’t want to correspond with a child directly (which I understand completely because I was no good at it before my girls took ownership!), these funds are a great way to still have an impact monthly. And with more than a dozen funds to choose from, you can pick one that resonates most with your family’s values and passions.

3. Set aside a portion of their earnings

Another one of our goals for 2015 is to get the girls’ savings accounts set up and do a better job of  regularly keeping track of the money they earn so that they’ll have their own money to spend, give and save. We still very much like this time card system we implemented last year, but we haven’t done a great job of writing down their work each day, which means they’re not really getting as much money as they should be (which is probably a lesson in itself but not really the one I want to focus on at their ages!). The goal is that out of every dollar they earn, the girls will keep $0.50, give $0.10 and save $0.40, and they’re actually just as excited about what they’ll be able to give as what they’ll be able to buy!

Raising kids who are cheerful givers and who think more about others than themselves is definitely one of our highest priorities as parents, and these are just a few ways that World Vision can help us encourage those traits in our girls!

World Vision Gift Catalog

We’re winding down our 101 Days of Christmas series today and tomorrow! What was your favorite project this year?