Weekend Reading: April 23, 2011

purple martin bird house
our Purple Martin bird house

I never would have considered myself a “bird” person until the spring after we moved to our home, when we were surprised by a family of playful birds who would fly around the house in circles, chasing each other and just having a lot of fun. We discovered that they were Purple Martins, and I fell in love with them that first year!

Unfortunately, we discovered that they were nesting in the eaves of the roof over the nursery, and we closed it up when they flew south for the winter. Because Purple Martins rely solely on humans for their housing in this area, they did not return last year, and I was afraid we’d lost them for good. But we put up a Purple Martin bird house last weekend when we thought we had spotted them in the area, and we’ve already seen a couple perched on it or chasing my husband’s remote-controlled airplanes through the air!

So…if you’ve ever noticed that our company’s name is Purple Martin Press, LLC, now you know why!

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