Weekend Reading: August 10, 2013

New Car!

Last weekend was a bit hectic!

I didn’t mention this in last Saturday’s post (truthfully, because I typically schedule my Weekend Reading posts by Thursday), but after a year of talking about getting a second car (we’ve only had one for almost 6 years now), we decided we were ready! So on Friday we spent 8 hours driving around Virginia and Maryland looking at used cars. My husband had his eye on a specific make & model (a Lincoln Navigator), in specific colors (white or silver) and with specific features (a bench seat rather than captain’s chairs in the second row), so we were driving between dealerships that we knew had that vehicle on the lot.

The only problem was it was Friday afternoon on the Beltway in August…and the a/c in our van is broken. It was pretty miserable toward the end and unfortunately the vehicles we were looking at were just too beat up. We got home late Friday night exhausted and sticky!

Sean had seen a slightly more expensive one just up the road from us, though, so Saturday morning he drove up to look at it again, and it was apparent that it was worth the price difference considering it was in almost pristine shape, which is pretty amazing for a 10-year-old SUV! He was able to test drive it and bring it home for the girls and I to look at, and then we took care of the paperwork, got the keys and brought it home.

It’s a little bit weird to have two cars out in the driveway, but I’m thankful for the peace of mind of not feeling “stuck” out here when the other person takes the van somewhere. It’s always been my fear that something would happen to Sean and the girls while they were out and I’d be stuck at home without a car and unable to get to them! And because we now have two roomy bench seats in the back, we also have plenty of room for Jackson’s carseat in the fall plus an extra seat for my mom, sister or grandmother to ride in when they’re here visiting. And having a new car is just plain fun too…especially since the a/c in this one works!

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Have a great weekend!