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Weekend reading: August 15, 2015

Dippin' dots for the preggo!

From Instagram: Because when you do Zoo Atlanta in August at 7 months pregnant, you deserve Dippin’ Dots!

We’re back home from a whirlwind two weeks that’s included more than 40 hours in the car, and while I love a good road trip, I am very much looking forward to no more traveling until Thanksgiving.

This summer has been our busiest in a long time, and while fall is usually one of our busy seasons, the calendar is fairly open starting in September. I can’t wait! Busy with good things is good, but now it’s time to rest before this new baby arrives in just 10 or 11 weeks. (Because he’s been measuring big since 18 weeks and I usually go 1-3 weeks early, we’re thinking he’ll be here in late October!)

What I’m reading: Nothing. This reading slump just won’t quit!

What I’m thinking about:

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The truth about life

Being the parents our kids need

Realism and homeschooling

Have a great weekend!

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