Weekend Reading: August 20, 2011

sid & momma

It’s hard to believe we’re already counting down the days until our Baby Girl’s 2nd birthday. Two is my absolute favorite stage, and we’re already entering that inquisitive, always-learning-something-new, chattering-nonstop stage with her, so I’m not really sad about it, but it is a little bittersweet since she is the baby.

As much as I love her, the past two years have been anything but easy as we’ve dealt with colic, reflux, food intolerances and more, and this past week we started her on a GFCF/soy-free diet. I’ll be sharing more about what that looks like for our family (because, honestly, I was petrified ahead of time, but it hasn’t been as hard as I expected!). While I don’t want her to have to live GFCF/soy-free, figuring out the cause of some of her issues would be a huge answer to prayer, so we’re hoping it will be obvious whether it’s making a difference or not!

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Here are some of my favorite posts from around the blogosphere this week. As always, check out what I’m reading to see the other posts that make me stop and think. You’ll find new posts all week long!

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