Weekend Reading: August 24, 2013

Water Baby

We’re back home after 10 days in Florida, and while we had an amazing time, I missed Sean more than words can say, so I’m so thankful to be home. The new floor has been laid upstairs, the built-in bunk beds are almost done and he surprised me by getting the nursery painted, wainscoted and ready for bedding while we were gone too!

This week is a big week behind the scenes as I finish up a bunch of projects here on the blog before Labor Day and the start of our new school year. You might not notice many of them right away, but I’m prepping for our big Baby Week, the 101 Days of Christmas series (and brand new ebook!) and sales/updates on Life Your Way products in the coming months, and we’ve got some exciting new features coming at BundleoftheWeek.com too.

After that, the countdown is on for Baby Jackson’s arrival! I’ll admit I’m a little stressed but also looking forward to knocking some things out and enjoying a real maternity leave when he arrives, something I’ve never really done with any of the girls.

Here are some of my favorite posts from this week. As always, check out what I’m reading and what I’m pinning to see the other posts that make me stop and think (or, you know, drool…). You’ll find new posts all week long!

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And if you have time, I highly recommend reading all 7 posts in this series about Ben’s kidnapping in Honduras. It’s truly an amazing story (but be sure to start with Part 1…you won’t regret it)!

Have a great weekend!