Weekend Reading: August 25, 2012


For the second time since we became parents, we found ourselves in the ER with an (almost) three-year-old and a bleeding head wound. The first time, it was a gash to our third daughter’s eyebrow line. This time, a gash to our baby girl’s chin. (Apparently those are the two most common places for stitches in little ones.)

Like her big sister, our littlest was so brave. Don’t get me wrong — she screamed and screamed and screamed after the stool she was pushing tipped over (taking her with it) and she split her chin open, but once we got to the ER, she was content to play or watch movies on the iPad and just take it all in (including the inmate in shackles, with armed guards, who came shuffling in as we sat – ack!).

She wasn’t especially talkative, but she followed the doctor’s directions every step of the way. And despite one little lip quiver when they first wrapped her in the papoose, she laid stoically on the hospital bed while he stitched her up!

Amazingly, we got back in a room and prepped for stitches amazingly fast. And then they misplaced her chart and we sat for an extra hour (at 11 o’clock at night) waiting to be discharged. Ha!

All in all, it wasn’t a terrible experience, and I’m thankful that my parents came to sit with us and drive us home so that Sean could take the girls home and put them to bed. And she’s happy that she got some new Dora bandaids for her trouble!

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