Weekend reading: August 9, 2014

Weekend reading: August 9, 2014

Reading Harry Potter

From Instagram: I finally said yes to Harry Potter.

I finally read Harry Potter last year, and I instantly fell in love with the characters, the stories and the magic of it all (you know, like the millions of people before me who didn’t wait 13 years to pick up the first book!).

Since that moment, our oldest — who is a voracious reader — has been begging me to let her read them. I was torn, because I know she’s going to breeze through them and I’m going to stop her at #4 for now, but as she approaches her 10th birthday, I decided she was ready.

To say it was love at first sight is an understatement. She laughs out loud, reads instead of watching TV (which is a huge deal with this TV-loving girl!) and carries them with her everywhere. She’s also put together an entire Hermione costume from things she’s found around the house, and I can’t really think of a female character I’d rather see her emulate.

It’s been fun to talk about the books and have that shared vocabulary, and she’s already started to pick up on just how many references there are to Harry Potter characters, places and events in popular culture, which was also one of my favorite discoveries after reading them myself.

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  1. I didn’t pick up the books until they had been out for a long time too, and I was surprised I’d liked the story more than I thought I would.

  2. Do you really believe what you say? Maybe I should add some sugar and spice and spend billions on advertising and sell you some really hip great tasting arsenic…yep you’d give in eventually to all the peer pressure and even though it won’t kill you straight away…it will kill you. That’s Harry potter, witchcraft packaged and sold to the Luke warm Christian who has no discernment of what is right or wrong because they actually believe that because some say tomayto rather than tomahto that its ok to pick and choose which worldly things we will give into and embrace. to read spiritually unclean trash is ok because? If we are talking about a simple difference in word pronouncing that’s cool, but their is a world of difference between harry potter and the bible, they both have different authors, one was written by a Holy and loving creator and the other was written by an evil liar and murderer who seduced mankind…um eve the woman, like you, into sin, sin is disobedience, regardless of wether you like it or not or enjoy so much you read rather than watch tv.

    Yeah like the God of the bible is reading Harry potter and living in sodom.

    Grow up and stop spreading lies and deception to your readers and actually grow a back bone and stand for something, like um the truth maybe,even if it means you can’t read, watch or commit acts that your flesh likes to do.Pick a side and actually stand on the side that you pick and let others know exactly which side you are on with both your words and deeds. Even if it means being unpopular or not having as many readers, kinda like Um Jesus the man who never used magic but actual came to set us free from the tricks and wiles of the devil. Talk about a snare, not only to you and your family but you are now trying to help lure others in.

    Shame on you for promoting and encouraging others to let their daughters emulate a teenage witch rather than the Son of God Jesus Christ of Nazerath.

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