Weekend Reading: February 8, 2014

Birthdays & Color Runs

In our family, we make a pretty big deal about birthday milestones, and 8th birthdays for our girls include bra shopping, a {very basic} introduction to the birds and the bees and a special trip with mom.

Our oldest got to go to Florida to spend a week at my grandmother’s house with her cousin and to visit Winter the dolphin, and — entirely coincidentally — our second daughter and I (plus the baby, since he goes where mama goes) will be heading to Florida next week to participate in the Jacksonville Color Run.

This daughter of mine — who was the fussiest, clingiest baby — is outgoing and funny and has a passion for long walks and runs. She also loves kittens, but since I couldn’t think of any cat-centric destinations, the Color Run seemed like the perfect way for us to celebrate this milestone. My mom and sister will be joining us for the run, and I’m looking forward to a few days without my computer so that we can just focus on our time together.

Although we started Couch to 5K at the beginning of the year, the snow, ice and insanely cold temperatures prevented us from getting as much practice in as we had hoped, so we’ll mostly be walking this 5K, but we’re excited and looking forward to it nonetheless!

Also. while I took all four girls to Florida last year by myself, I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about flying with the baby this time (so much extra stuff to cart with us, plus the uncertainty of how he’ll act on the plane!), so your prayers are appreciated!

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Have a great weekend!