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Weekend reading: January 16, 2015

Hey there, McFatty!

From Instagram: Hey there, McFatty!

It has been a week, y’all—poor Jackson had a nasty upper respiratory virus that turned into a raging double ear infection, and there were several days when Sean and I were both running on fumes. We’re also dealing with a few medical issues with Lucas {more on those in another post}, and while I’m not super anxious about them, I am in research mode {my default reaction to anything that has the potential to be overwhelming}. And to top it all off, the big girls got their palate expanders on, which has been…fun.

OH! And my phone slid out of my back pocket and right into the toilet. The picture above was my last Instagram before my insta-baby book was ripped away from me and placed in rice to (hopefully) dry out!

What I’m readingThe Julian Chapter by R.J. Palacio and  Rising Strong by Brené Brown

What I cooked: easy paleo oatmeal, the best grain-free muffins ever, skillet rice with shrimp and chicken

What I’m thinking about:

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Encouragement for the hard days

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A life that matters

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Note the good

Have a great weekend!